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  1. a few bits i found while out n about wiv grouch 2day
  2. out n abowt 2day! this is wot i stumbled accross! enjoy but uve probs seen it all be4!
  3. :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  4. this is not a moan but a simple querie. i kno throwies over peoples work is and allways has been a part of graffiti but i was wondering why certain 'hardcore' writers are calling younger writers toys n dubbin their work etc. but if u fink bak a few years 2 wen these certain so called 'hardcore' heads first started writing they wer encouraged by the other writers and invited into big crews etc. i kno alot of people arent gonna care for my opinion but im gonna let u all kno wot i fink. obviously u want graff in notts 2 keep goin strong but if the certain hardcore heads keep bein bait 2 the younger writers obviously its gonna discourage them. if u look at some of the younger writers u kno sum of them hav an awful lot of talent dont encourage them 2 waste it. o and anova thing if ur gonna do throwies ova ppls work theyre aint no point pretending that ur all pally wiv the person u dubd so dont b 2 faced let them kno wot u fink dont b sly! think about it guys! there used be about 4hardcore writers that i used to respect from notts but now theres only one cuz if this person has a problem wiv ya hell let u kno he aint sly. talkin abowt crews i am not implying that i wanna b in 1 cuz really i dont giva shit abowt that i jus wanna hear opinions from writers to see if they think im right or not. a year or two ago i woz alot worse at paintin than i am now but i woz encouraged by evry1 espicially by 3 of the 4 writers ive mentioned but recently to ova writers things hav changed n i wanna kno y?
  5. yeh i fink dares abowt 5 but theres 2 main ones!
  6. dunno if this had been posted be4! all flix posted by me today were stolen from http://spaces.msn.com/members/nottinghamgraffiti/
  7. soz bowt the size guys :yuck:
  8. i dont kno how bad russels is lookin! gd work evry 1 involved 2005 will b the year!!!
  9. spider man dint work 4 the daily planet super man did!!:lol:
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