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  1. all you kids out there that just discovered 12oz this is how it used to be back in like either 99 or 2000. when we didnt have any of these bullshit threads dedecated to one state or one city. when you went in a thread in brick slayers and it was just all kinds of shit from all over the place. it was a mix of everything now all we get is specific threads about certain places. NICE THREAD!
  2. anyone want to trade flix hit me up on the email I got all san francisco shit
  3. if anyone wants to trade flicks i got a whole bunch of san francisco shit. email me Beastieboy650@yahoo.com
  4. if anyone wants to trade flicks email me i get all san francisco
  5. can anybody give me any info?
  6. hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha!
  7. I fucking love this magazine but they havn't come out with anything in a long time. Their website just has had this on it for the last year or more: anyone got any inside info on whats going on and if there will ever be an issue #9 thanks
  8. what happened to this thread? is it over?
  9. What shit will always happen? You and your "best friend" always getting in fights? Yeah and fuckin maaaad bitches drinkin crazy 40's and smokin dumb blunts too! word up son! Livin the crazy lyfe! MKS RBJ 4 EVA DMB ISK FO SHO! Lyk3 U CaN b3 muH Ko0L DuudErZz! FeR suUrE bR4H! You will get smashed in real life (IRL for you) lil kid. I'm in Jacksonville Florida, come yell at me, jitt. Quoted post [/b] all im sayin is that there is more to the world then just bitching about how bad your roommate is our tired you are from your job. try and open up a little. i have a hard
  10. wow. you must be blind because i was just fucking around with the tehs and the 1!!!!!11111's. and i moved in with my best friend 4 months ago and we get in mad fights. who gives afuck though? this shit will always happen. and Seldoon, your fucking right this isnt fucking pg because pg blows 12oz fucking away in terms of graffiti. fucking pussy trying to talk shit. STFU OMG LOL WOW HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111
  11. such a fucking bunch of whiny pricks here. fuck all you and die. "oh boooo hooo he used my toothpaste, omg he used the shower ... and didn't dry it when he was finished!111111111, oh lord he ... he shaved in the sink, the FREAK!" who gives a fuck? grow up. handle your own shit rather then furiously type on 12oz how much your life is teh suck. you fucking hate dude because he fucking uses your toothpaste???? what the fuck is wrong with you? :pumpkin:
  12. i dont know if that ASE could get any shittier...? Quoted post THAT ASE ISNT SHITTY ITS HELLA TIGHT SICK ASS OUTLINE YOU HAVE 2 ADMT ASE HAS BEEN GETTING UP ALL SUCKAS EXECUTED Quoted post [/b] nope thats a shitty ass throw up sorry! i remember a few years back when i used to look up to ase now i havnt seen any cool stuff from them. all these new toys they threw down are ruining the name
  13. man. this thread is awesome. this is like the conversation me and my roomate constantly have. he says that the canvasas he does (which are good i will give him that) are good enough for a gallery. i says to him one: they are not something particulary unique. two: fuck your gallery admirations and three: nothing that truly expresses something (which is what i consider art, not funky fresh shit to look at) can be painted on a damn cereal box with some existentially hip quote. he proceeds to laugh at me saying im only lazy and unmotivated to create art ( i havent done a canvas or anything in year
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