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  1. Speaking of skating. I remember a super old Thrasher Magazine that had a spread on detroit graffiti. It was probably 98 or 99 when it came out. Had some classic spots if my memory serves me correctly. Still Remember some of the summer squash & black DIBS spots.
  2. I think i'm crossed eyed now. You're a dick thanks
  3. Too bad its on permission plywood. I feel bad for these dudes that think theyre still doing it. Cheezy one liners & all. If you painting on the same plywood wall over & over = FAIL
  4. gk1 getting grandfathered riding 15 years
  5. rick ross rollin with a double whopper in the car
  6. :lol: do any original ld members even rep anymore? Lowlifedrunk nails it on the head every comment.
  7. Its funny these toys been complaining for 50 pages about "rules" of the game. Take your spot back when someone does a throwup with a penis for a letter over you. First rule is know your place. Comparing some silly scribble to a full street burner is not a good look.
  8. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5294/5424156650_fd962847cf_z.jpg' alt='5424156650_fd962847cf_z.jpg'> diagram1 by [/img] thanks theatk - ok well the graff was torn down and i'd put a money stack on it that someone else did the mayhem none the less heres the sace from that roof box while im at it dase is sick 2 def
  9. Sace & Nace were both holding down some classics spots in kc in early 2000s If anyone would share that sace that was on the roof box of that building torn down that was in the northside of downtown kc that would be fresh. Think there was mpulse up there too maybe nova as well
  10. really like that horfe sonic flic thanks media
  11. mcdonalds purple amaze world series wordddddd.
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