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  1. Thanks, Freakeenyc. Yeah, thats my entry. I dont know what I did wrong, pasted the link into the mountain looking icon. Weird. Whatevs, thx again.
  2. Thx for the advice bro. Here it is.
  3. Sorry for being a total noob. here it goes I think... http://s930.photobucket.com/albums/ad143/Wrath_one/Graffiti%20and%20Art/?action=view&current=Wrath_1.jpg
  4. Hey All- Can I get in on this "Wrath" battle, even if its my tag?? Lemme know.
  5. hey starz-- you probably already know, but lust's is comin up with red X's
  6. try again http://www.strugglesville.com/battlebeast1.jpg'>
  7. heres his face... www.strugglesville.com/battlebeast1.jpg'>
  8. Hey All- heres my character for the Battle tween me, Lust and Soulkillers. thats me when i'm havin a shitty day. Hope you all dig it. Vote Wrath. http://www.strugglesville.com/wrathbeast.jpg'> detail of face to follow
  9. i vote THIS for the "save" battle THIS for the "ways" battle XIPE for the "east/west side" battle and LUST for the lust/this battle. oh and my character battle piece will be coming late tonite like around midnight. Its lookin diesel. peace, Joe
  10. sorry for not postin yet for the char battle. Just fixed my computer today and had shit to do around the house (movin soon) i'll have the piece up by wed nite. Nice work Vandelust.
  11. it'll just take me a few days to throw something together. I'll post in the next few days.
  12. aight, Vandelust (and soulkillers too) just one character, no bgd. black and white and mean as hell say a week from today?
  13. Sure Vandelust, i'm down 4 the character battle. just the character?? or a background too? any type of character in particular or just whatever comes outta yer head? I prefer fighting characters, especially monsters. outline, color, what? say due next friday? lemme know. Joe
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