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  1. ya just smoke man or stop being a pussy and just deal with it
  2. no shit booze *Please don't repost images on the same page*
  3. GIANT fuckin rocks theres a piece in my SAM FLORES book
  4. no fuckin doubt *Please don't repost images on the same page*
  5. listen to it man i mean sure its a folk song but its a-ok
  6. timemachine


    that sucks man both of em
  7. no doubt i wish other people would answer this too
  8. meh that was a waste of time u made me miss my show for a while
  9. are you kidding me thats the gayest fuckin toyest ass thing ive ever seen why would u waste film on that? haha ill bet ur all underground tho right...
  10. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: those are coool! haha burned
  11. for me it would be "Early Morning Rain" by Gordon Lightfoot yours?
  12. once again FR8OPHILES love those guys
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