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  1. /woke girl up /fight /drink alcohol so fight is better
  2. So hows that crazy chick gonna have your baby thing going for you?
  3. Dude has a point, but A he is a cop and trying to research things and realizing he has to read whole threads B he is a cop trying to research things and realizing he has to read whole threads C he is part of the generation who takes the web for granted
  4. Caught one of his hands and characters faded almost invisible at this spot the other day. Whole wall was covered with stuff nothing lasts more then maybe 3 years if dude has history in the area at this spot and here is this faded kids up top drip style, just rocking where no one before him or after him has touched this wall in years. I'm gonna go back to try to catch the flick in the near future. Dude seriously crushed on some next level like few people ever do.
  5. drinking a big bottle of the kraken and drinking some anchor steam watching red dwarf trying to pass out debating trying to wake my girl up for some sex but she will hate me if i try since she has to work in the morning
  6. magic 8 ball says yes unless you are the police in which case let me go officer I swear im white Tpbm likes to tell the cops they are asain when they ask what race they are
  7. I really need to get on this thread and always mean to then get distracted and forget to take pictures of my day.
  8. Magic 8ball says doubtful Tpbm is a night owl
  9. squeezed 2 in here got another 2 coming for those who did my name im going to go back to drinking and watching red dwarf
  10. Outside lands just seems like a complete shitshow, no chance I am ever going to go to that unless they pay me lots of money or something really awesome like jerry coming back from the dead to play a set happens
  11. False, it's been years Tpbm thinks massgraff must be a robot or on drugs since he always seems to be on 12oz
  12. :lol: Would rather go to this http://lineup.highsierramusic.com/ And I don't really want to go to that Hopefully going to go to this http://www.mutantfestival.org/ Going to see yonder this weekend
  13. False Tpbm was never invited to the cool kid parties in school
  14. False Tpbm blames it on reptilian shape shifters
  15. shattered then the little knubs pulled out by a blind drunk russian with a hacksaw. No it really is that bad, I haven't been to one of those things in years and never intend on going to one of those things again. Enjoy the bugs, nasty unwashed rainbow pussy, giardia cause someone thinks everyone should drink live water, getting harassed by LEOs, dealing with schwag fucks, and all the rest of the bullshit that comes with that.
  16. false Tpbm is wondering if this redheaded chick he knows will come over and give him some dome this afternoon
  17. false Tpbm would snitch if it came down to it
  18. false, construction never stopped me from painting a spot Tpbm killed something today
  19. I'd rather drink draino and knock all my teeth out with a 10lb sledge hammer
  20. Pap has been getting worse for a few years, was glad to see some other time sign him. Phillies should trade Lee before the trade deadline to rejuvenate the farm system.
  21. true Tpbm would rather have a friend blow cocaine in their ass with a long straw than blow cocaine in their friends ass with a long straw
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