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  1. Not sure what area you are in so I can't tell you exactly where you can purchase it from, but I do have a suggestion for you. Next time you go to a store that looks like they might carry big bottles of ink ask someone who works there if they carry them and if they don't if they can special order them for you. This usually works, especially at art stores. It will limit your ability to rack bottles of ink though. Probably easier to just order online from here
  2. False Tpbm smokes fat lethal rock
  3. True when I go to hot springs the rest of the time I just shower Tpbm still reads comic books
  4. He has 2 possibly 3 expensive years left on his contract, but if the phillies were to eat some of that salary they could get some good prospects in return for him. Lee's control makes him a better investment then most pitchers his age. I can see him sticking around until his early 40's barring any major injury due to his control and getting 200+ wins. Also read this the other day and was cracking up over it Ralph your phillies aint looking so good this year, while my sox are killing it. Ortiz is back and being a fucking monster since his return and the starting pitching has been top notch.
  5. FALSE! I think they most likely smell like a mix of BO, baby powder fried chicken and half melted candy bars that got lost down there. Tpbm has recorded an album
  6. True Tpbm has plans to taste that chicks pussy at the earliest available opportunity
  7. false Tpbm just came home with chinese food from that old dirty chinese restaraunt only to find some dude laying some heavy pipe to their girl
  8. false Tpbm just got piped by some chinese dude
  9. I might have an extra A's ticket depending. Glad you got it set up hope your hotel is chill and I'll let you know whats good on the afterparties once I know.
  10. Abcs not really, from oakland airport you take a shuttle bus to oakland coliseum then bart over to downtown and its a few block walk from most bart stops to the hotels in that area.
  11. False Tpbm just threw a chinese dude at some pipe
  12. You need to etch bath some cop car windows, the easiest way to do this is to put some etch in a plastic sandwich baggy and then when you find a cop car stick your fingers in the bag and use them to catch a tag on the window. Also if you want you can use your penis for extra points and the undying respect of every member on 12oz. Please learn how to spell before using the internet again. No one here is messing with you, we just want to help you evolve to the next level like this guy did.
  13. Trash fat ugly hipster girl
  14. False, everyone is crooked Tpbm takes strong good drugs steadily yet throws stoned dudes suckerpunches
  15. False Tpbm just fapped to creepy asain porn
  16. A lot of people are going to come in this thread and tell you more arrows and other bullshit like that but I am going to clue you in on the real deal right now. You need to elevate your game to the next level by catching a tags on cop cars so you can rock crowns above your tag. You don't need arrows you need a crown and the only way you can get one of those is to go start getting up on cop cars around your hood.
  17. This just made me laugh, but only because I was thinking of how a couple weeks ago I saw a headline about some rednecks who killed themselves by getting stuck in the mud and filing up the car with carbon monoxide.
  18. is EDC that kiddy rave juggalo thing? They have one in vegas? Kiddy rave juggalo thing vs rainbow Rather let lorena bobbit chop my dick off. Ok sts9, lotus, eoto, zilla, whatever now you are talking about a show and not some juggalo kiddy rave or rainbow. Seriously though how the fuck are you bringing up some juggalo kiddy rave in this thread.
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