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  1. this thread would be 100000000times better if the majority of you got your eyes popped out and your hands cut off. if you are still painting in a few years time you will look back on all these photos with such shame. we all start off shit, but keep it to yourselfves for fucks sake.
  2. that yesi piece is still there to this day. and im still loving it.
  3. blah blah blah *nevermind.
  4. this is the best thing i have ever read. period.
  5. tha bad boi swat of course Quoted post [/b] the sarcasm was lost on you then avril lavine.
  6. this is officially the best thread on 12oz. :king:
  7. that flick 3rd from the bottom with the cctv camera is baaaaaad.
  8. that caper tag is SICK. nice bloke too.
  9. pretty gutted i missed this one.
  10. ^^^^^ FRESH MATE. Nice to see encs rocking some colours.
  11. ^^^^^^^ looks that way to me
  12. ^^^^^^^^^ WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT MESS. Whats the point in caining a nice spot with that absolute shit. there is no better argument against graffiti. :clown2: *edit for spelling
  13. try http://www.photobucket.com works for me.
  14. Berps, those flix are fucking baad. more more more its funny seeing the same spots all those years ago. :king:
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