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  1. We signed Steve Spagnuolo today. Not a bad replacement for Greg Williams. He had the Giants D beastly in 07.
  2. I guess we gotta prove everybody wrong again.
  3. My nigga Mook playing Kanye! hahahaha
  4. You got a record? We will break it. We will annihilate Detroit in Round 1. Bring on the Super Bowl cuz there aint a team in the AFC that can fuck with us.
  5. We still have Carolina next week in the Dome too. Drew will tack another 300+ to the record.
  6. Merry Christmas you filthy animals.
  7. My boy Drew is gonna break that passing record on Monday night. It's happening.
  8. Fuck Pittsburgh for losing like that. We needed the 49ers to lose!
  9. bump all that shit. Vizie and Sofles.
  10. We have more wins this season against ranked teams then most teams have in several seasons. And that's mostly top 10 teams! GEAUX TIGERS
  11. Bye week to prepare for the Giants in the dome. Who Dat.
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