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  1. it's crazy how empty Providence/ Water place park looks.
  2. I think it's the bad guy from that awesome Steve Martin movie.... the 3 amigos
  3. in·tel·li·gence P Pronunciation Key (n-tl-jns) n. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. The faculty of thought and reason. Fundy Christians should not be using the word "intelligent"... so liberaly.
  4. If your looking for a smooth finish paint it on clay board or masonite. Try Flashe® it's a vinyl based paint. It drys flat w/ rich color.
  5. Hell yeah.... but Kenedy actually killed someone.... so it's even more fucked up. That drunk fool should be in prison. Maybe if Cheney didn't have 5 differments from the Vietnam War he would have been a better shot... then he would have the same asshole credentials as a "liberal" Senator from MA.
  6. The shooting was probably an accident. The bigger question is... Why wait 24 hours to report it? Maybe "cock" was drunk. It's like a hit and run, most of them are preformed by drunk people. Why did "cock" refuse to speak with police? Why didn't he make a public statement? Instead he did an edited, rehursed interview on Fox news. This whole thing smells a little funky. This happened right after Scooter implicated Cheney with authorizing the leaking of classified information. I don't think this had anything to do with the Katrina hearings, because Bush Company never wanted the department of homeland secuirty ( it was Congress's idea) and now it looks like the DHS will take the fall for the Katrina fuck up.
  7. sounds like a cross between Turk 182, Gleaming the cube, and Broke Back Mountain
  8. Van Dam has nothing on Turbo, Ozone and Special K........ "you gotta give,give..... so miracles can live......"
  9. call me trendy, but I really like Dana Schutz's paintings
  10. wow Cy Twombly and Neckface in the same scentemce.... only on 12oz
  11. just keep the file dimensions in proportion to the final out put.... i.e. 5"x 5" document w/ a 10"x10" final. As long as everything is vector and no placed PS documents your resolution will stay the same at any size.
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