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  1. I'm seriously out of the loop with the latest 12oz fads, but the black dude being photoshop into every picture is fucking hysterical.
  2. Hysterical fucking thread. I could care less with what the fuck is going on, but laughs were definitely had.
  3. Damn Gary Coleman couldn't even hit 2 pages with his tribute tread. awesome. RIP.
  4. Oh I lovez the bay. Just thinking of a few people in particular.
  5. Do what you must do "S". However I do say this, don't become one of those bay dorks.
  6. Pizza, good. Pizza x Jalapenos goes harder.
  7. ^^^Brahahaha. Psm tried to use that video on me. Funny that shit came back around to him.
  8. The best weekend game plans are the ones that involve cheap bottles of wine and no destination. Ohhhh friday. Come sooner, slore.
  9. Got in a fight with a box and lost. Maybe I can bedazzle my wrist brace for Saturday night?
  10. All A's in my math courses right here! I'll solve your problems. you can thank me via Paypal.
  11. Morning Commute. As long as my lane is good, I ain't talking shit. Oh hai. Doing a little teaching on our rad SmartBoard There we go. We even got a little crazy and did some oontzing Lunch Monthly bulletin board. After so many you just give up. horrible
  12. I know I'm wrong for this one. The kid from Wizards of Waverly Place
  13. wishing I brought my umbrella to work, because it's fucking pouring.
  14. I've been knowing this. I refuse to allow my nieces to ride their bikes around the block. It's sad as fuck, but these assholes like to snatch in daylight.
  15. Very nice flicks. I'm due for a dope trip this year.
  16. Debating whether to watch another movie or to just put this day out of it's misery.
  17. Yeah, sorry. No one resembles Ellen Degeneres.
  18. yeah. I can't believe dudes are actually critiquing the numbers. funny.
  19. I don't understand how bitches can be so dirty. WTF, gets into them?
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