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Everything posted by delsta

  1. solid post, lovin the weather. vegas jerms nekst newa! troph hour spek! ridl owl
  2. i like this thread. nice fish photos, it looks good on that snafu
  3. i like that the flicks are big. quality stuff too.
  4. yeah i agree with gordo, nice spots. especially the one with that beautiful view of downtown san antonio.
  5. those gnars and paser train flicks are sweet
  6. the heavy metaler brings the heat. nice train flicks
  7. revise asend navy ate eulogy those characters with that astro are cool
  8. "If you really paint trains and love to do it you wouldn't care if gets posted on any site.If you really get up people will know who you are.It's called hard work." enough said. ;)
  9. heat up. :hatred: :hatred: anyways....post more flicks
  10. delsta

    B4F Crew

    yo this is by far the dopest thread ive seen in a while ..keep doing the damn thang B4F krew
  11. dope yards .. wish we had yards like that here in san antonio, texas
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