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  1. the "killing time before I die streak" is dope. nice streaks
  2. But its your cousin... i mean if it was a cousin inlaw deff smash. but the fact that you guys are blood related kinda makes it fucked eh get drunk and smash
  3. nice flicks. bump for that silver irony, chip and the revs
  4. man i wish i coulda broght my camera but i didn't want to get robbed cause its a nice one.. next time ill deff bring a disposable at least
  5. Fuckin good stuff^^ dude said it was from humble county or something.. north cali
  6. Hell yeah man . thats what its all about!
  7. feelin that first gable alot
  8. ^^I guess "sucky fucky" has turned into an international saying. and yes i wore a jimmy hat!!
  9. I fucking love trailer park boys. Ive downloaded a shit load of episodes and the movie off Kazaa. Download the Kazaa lite version of Kazaa and search that shit
  10. So I went on a road trip recently.. I started out East and headed to the west coast for the first time in my life. So I'm in San Diego enjoying the sun and beach and staying at this international hostile . One day a couple guys from the hostile( a kid from saudi arabia, an australian and a jamaican) tell me that they're headed to Tijuana for the day.. it was a Friday btw. I was instantly down, having heard insane stories about tijuana: Whores, drugs, donkey shows, etc... I wanted the full border town experience. The dude driving was this rastafarian who worked at the hostile, so on the ride to the border he lit up a fat blunt. We reach the border and parked the car.. I'm fuckin baked. We walk across the border and into Mexico. I have $150 in my shoe. thats all my money for the rest of the trip ... the plan was to spend 40 bucks in mexico. Tijuana is fucking crazy, an instant culture shock. As soon as we got into mexico little kids ran up to me, dirty as hell begging for money.. People yelling at you from every direction trying to sell you shit. everyones after that American $$$. Well some shots and a bunch of coronas later we wonder down Revolution Ave to the "red light district" to check out some strip clubs. As we walk towards the red light district, whores start to appear on every corner winking at you, tugging on your shirt, "fucky, sucky! sucky fucky!" haha. Than the best street of all.. a street lined with hot chicks all in mini skirts. there had to be 100 or more chicks on both sides of the road. We went to this strip club called "Hong Kong." Had some more beers. Some of the girls were rediculously hot but they were 60 bucks a pop and i'm a cheap fuck. Well I'm now drunk and stoned, so i go outside and start inspecting the chicks on the street, one by one ... picking out the best. I walked up and down the street twice, carefully choosing. Ah, tuff decision. I finally picked my favorite, a petite chick with a fat ass and big tits. "sucky fucky.." she says. "how much?" "20 for me, 5 for the room." What a steal I thought! Chick brings me into a hotel.. i pay dude at the desk 5 bucks. she brings me to the room, theres porn playing on the tv! and the fucking begins. You get half hour for 25 bucks. I finish, try to start a quick conversation but she cant speak english for shit. I go back to the hong kong, more beers.. "Hey.. i'll fuck one more and thats it." I think to myself. So i go back to the strip and pick another girl. same deal. Than another and another! Well by the end of the night after some clubs, more beers and some serious banging, i was down to my last $20!! Ehh but it was worth it. My international friends and I, hours later, wondered back towards the good ol' USA. The Saudi kid was jumping up and down,"tonight, my friends, has been my best night while in this country!" He banged two whores and coulden't stop talking about it. He explained that in his country, if a chick has sex before marriage she gets stoned to death. On the way out some chick grabs me, "10 dolla, sucky fucky!" 10 fucking dollars??? I was tempted but resisted the offer. We stumbled back to the border and had to wait in line for 2 hours! What a bitch! Now im pretty much broke in San Diego.. I ended up sleaping on a roof for the next few days and eventually hitchhiking back east. That was a fucking crazy trip. Good times. I'm already planning my next trip out there. 5 girls, me and a bottle of tequila :love2: Any one else have mexico stories? Or whore stories?
  11. nice post. teach. Mad. Zebra
  12. the scene where there going down that tunnel on the boat man... scary shit. oh yeah and dude who sold knives outside the chocolate factory
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