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  1. http://box1.bluehost.com/~hicrewco/12oz/savagerrainpour.jpg'>
  2. http://box1.bluehost.com/~hicrewco/12oz/savagerhifar.jpg'>
  3. http://box1.bluehost.com/~hicrewco/12oz/hicrew04ballodeath.jpg'>
  4. Stolen off myspace, hope you don't mind. :crazy: http://box1.bluehost.com/~hicrewco/12oz/savagerhifoundation.jpg'>
  5. damn I never saw that wizard flick. That's sick. :eek:
  6. real hot! I always liked his stuff. I have a bunch of flicks of his stuff around if only I knew how to post them. :o
  7. Catch some sleep there internet thug. It wasn't that big of a deal of what I said. sorry you got your panties in a bunch over it. I don't know the kid personally I just met him briefly and that is what I got out of him. So if your him that's how you come off, if your not him, :lol: :lol: :lol: get off his dick!
  8. Allstar

    black n mild

    I remember smoking black and milds when I was like 16 17. they were tasty
  9. This is a game I really need to cop.
  10. r.i.p. great bomber
  11. I agree. Very repetitive. I've met that guy once with a bunch of other people and he seemed really shady and full of himself.
  12. Re: an oldie but goodie definately a goodie! :lol:
  13. some quality flicks in here
  14. damn some people got way too much time on there hands.
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