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  1. ^_^ I'm dangerous in the wrong hands and I work for Professor Xavier. I bet you know now, and if you don't, you'll figure it out on a day that you're not so retarded, guaranteed.
  2. Righteous Brothers – Once In My Life Are they fifties’? I don’t know too much about them times.
  3. Two songs that I listened to today are Mickey and Silvia – Love Is Strange, The Ventures – And Then He Kissed Me. I’m not sure about them being ‘50’s, though.
  4. I’ll give you a clue, Ms. Lush: my first username was Canadiano. I like mr.yuck’s idea. Only if he had schizophrenic arguments with himself on the board. *also, all three usernames that I’ve used on this board have a distinct Canadian twist to them.
  5. Hehe…what are you talking about, slave_o? ;) Sometimes I’ll have a pair of perfectly good ball shoes, but I’ll still go get another pair…no, that’s a shitty analogy. Um…I got nothing.
  6. I wish I was a dumb celebrity. Like, if I thought tuna was chicken. Melanie Griffith was so hot, man, so hot. Is she still hot?
  7. I almost like the colour how it is right now. Leave it reddish. My friend’s dad down the street had that same car when it first came out. He would sometimes give me rides to school, and I felt like a little grade 6 pimp.
  8. I need to go shoe shopping very soon, but I only have 120 bones (Canadian). Right now, the only footwear that I actually wear other than going outside for smokes is my Ken Griffey 8s, and my boots. I haven’t owned a pair of shoes that cost less than 180 dollars in 3 years at least.
  9. Reverse vampires? Over my head cuz I’m tired. Seeking, you say that Israeli intelligence is shady. Maybe they are in their dealings with the us govt’s requests, I don’t know shit, but I grew up under the impression that they are some of the best in the world.
  10. ^^ Whoa, after seeing all that beauty of a city, I liked how you ended on this note. *edit, no need to overquote a picture. My stupid Vietnamese “English” teacher was saying that his friend was saying that a lot of Australians are not down with Asian people. He said that the dude told him that there were signs that said “help wanted – no asians” or something. Anyway, you are very fortunate to live in that city…I like mine, and it’s extremely cold outside right now complete with snow and ice, compared to your city.
  11. Yeah, lesbians are generally really ugly. So you didn’t take the flick for future masturbatory purposes?
  12. No way, player. That’s a New York resident, a university student, and probable friend to quite some people. How would you feel if she was your homegirl?
  13. Damn, nice post up! South Beach seems to be pretty beautiful. I always thought the 12oz headquarters was in Misterraven’s ma’s basement.
  14. Man, Malarchuk (sp) is lucky he’s alive! I think he might have been the reason goaltenders started wearing neck guards.
  15. Uh…sure, I’d mosh to that. Is this thread asking whether we’d mosh to this or not?
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