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  1. Big inspiration, this guy is a monster with style.....youngins take note.
  2. actually there is a TM7 connection between new york and ohio.......and there are a couple dudes from out there that are down with the crew. but since its really none of my biz.......i'll leave it at that.
  3. Big Epik shinnin like the sun
  4. Justice Has Failed........again & again
  5. that PIC is in the FLY ID FAMILIA THREAD, CES & VET were upstate writers TMC CES was a FLY ID TRM TROOPER BEFORE THERE EVER WAS AN FX CREW ... know ya history! Quoted post [/b] c'mon Swatch, New Ro isnt upstate, its like 5 mins from the BX! LOL TMChillin 05
  6. fucking A right johnny!
  7. I'm curious what the gay ass hipsters have to say about this? Cause we all know 12oz is crawling with em.
  8. eddieguns2

    Kem 5

    That Heavy is pretty damned....well ummm....Heavy. 2 snaps up in a Z formation
  9. BTW.......my girl Miss 17 rocks harder then all u's..........TFT!
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