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  1. I Usually Use The Chalk Setting Size For The Brush Tool..Makes Good For Handlestyles..
  2. I Just Use The Regular Brush Tool Size 5 Or 10 Maybe Even 12And Set Opacity For The Brushes Alot And Make Different Layers All The Time..And No i Dont Know Any Turtorials I Learned All Of It On My Own..Most Of The Magic Of The Pictures Start In Illistrator
  3. Aim: K0ol87 Hit Me Up When Im On Sometime..
  4. Actually I Had To Buy It.....Kazaa Aint Always Reliable:o
  5. I Got The Sketch I Did Of It To If You Want Me To Post That Also. Oh And It Aint Balancing On One Yet..Cause Its Unfinished..I Was Just Posting It To Show You That I Aint Backing Out Of The Deal..Imma Finish It Anyways Because I Dont Wanna Do It For Nothing.. And Its Draw By Hand Then Scanned In Then Its Tooken Into Adobe Illistrator To Make THe Lines Cleaner And Crisp. Then I Import It Into Adobe 9.0 Then Color It In..Its A Long Process Thats Why It Aint Finished...
  6. :love2: Loving That Ludwig Throwy:king:
  7. More Time Needed Eh Seeking I Need More Time To Finish This Is All I Got Right Now...But If You Give Me More Time I Can Finish It..I Dont Know Exactly When.. http://img61.photobucket.com/albums/v187/VandeLust/Panda.jpg'> (Hope You Dont Mind That I Gave It A Cartoony Look Plus Less Details) Ill be Adding More Effects And Layers On Later
  8. "Roast" Battle http://img61.photobucket.com/albums/v187/VandeLust/Roast.jpg'> Sorry No Time Gotta Do This Thing For Seeking.
  9. Would That Be A Left Leg Or A Right Leg?.. And Also After Im Done With This Hope Your Gunna Apologize
  10. As you wish master Seeking Ill have it up by tomorrow or the day after fine with you?
  11. http://img61.photobucket.com/albums/v187/VandeLust/LustDramaHarpy.jpg'> Something Ive Been Working On For Te Past Couple Of Days I Call It "AngeLust" -Enjoy-
  12. Ill Chara's Clone...Artist In The Making :king:
  13. Either Due Today Or Tomorrow Ralf.
  14. Battle Information Who Wants To Battle? -------------------------- Word: ROAST Materials: Anything Goes Due: Today Or Tomorrow.. I Like To Keep Things Quick And Fast..
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