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  1. Chek out http://hatenpain.proboards3.com
  2. I want to put some of my sketches on ere but my sites geocities:mad:
  3. Chek these out - www.insanefame.com www.seenworld.com www.graffwars.co.uk www.riskism.tk
  4. Your sketches are fukin heavy peeps..:cool:
  5. Wot the fuk do u mean by that?
  6. yo m8 i'll sort u out wit them questions u sent me soon :cool:
  7. Put any cool graff site on ere so we could all look at them..:lick: i'll start this off.. www.penznpaint.cjb.net www.crazycambridge.clb.net www.kingzcrime.2ya.com www.gnomeservice.com www.diecelciti.vze.com
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