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  1. I met Redman back in 2000. i got an autograph. he didn't bang me.
  2. let us know when you go! so we can form a search party if we dont hear from you!
  3. i know its the meme thread, but this post reminded me of this....
  4. CALIgula


    buy one, get one 50% so i copped these chuck's (high street hi-top) too for 50% off... $22
  5. CALIgula


    got a pair of these converse all star ox's for weight lifting.... $50
  6. false and false....my jeans are still slightly baggy (not jnco) and i havent had apple jacks cereal in years...but not opposed to eating some. the person below me thinks pig is a filthy animal and shouldnt be eaten.
  7. I bought a dashcam back in 2012 before it was "cool" on amazon for $100...it works pretty good and records in 1080p and it was from China. i bought it mostly because of all the chinese people in china using dashcams to catch insurance scams and posting them on liveleak....but ive seen them in costco now and im sure theyre a lot cheaper now for something of really good quality..like supermegaultra HD or whatever the fuck the best quality HD is called now adays. but if you want to capture good shit, use a go pro....i dont know about austin, but here in sacramento you can check out gopros from the local public library...if you can do that, that might be a good way to check the quality of it before buying it. btw, visiting austin has been on my bucket list for 10+ years now....one day.
  8. CALIgula


    whoa...its el mams
  9. true...was up and down during my teens and 20s though. the person below me hates their job
  10. False, it's been a minute. The person below me eats fast food at least once a week
  11. My childhood right here. Oh, and Donatello > Leonardo
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