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Everything posted by droptheknife

  1. big up the rainy brizl crew. boh
  2. I need to get tins in Sydney asap can anyone help me out? I have tried posting in other Oz threads but got no help. Surely someone can help me out? ;)
  3. fuck that movie what a pile of shit. The last thing the world needs is loads more toys.
  4. What the fuck you on about? You said you was going to put up their names and where they go college. That would be pretty much grassing.No need for that useless rant son.
  5. No you wont...pm each other. Dont grass people even if u dont like them.
  6. Or maybe they have do enough to be worries about getting gripped. So your saying you would bomb and not give a fuck if you get arrested just because you didnt wear gloves? If so your a mug.
  7. Why didnt you just go out and dog all their stuff? Stick a fucking hammer in that sluts head then see what the toy cunts have got to say.
  8. well done, that must have taken you hours to think that up.what an amusing chap you are.
  9. What the fuck are you banging on about?
  10. fucking heavy update mate. loving the atg, nomad and tes.
  11. Maybe no one wants to talk about pointless drivel over the net..have you thought of that?
  12. looks like a cube to me.
  13. will you idiots stopping arguing about the most pointless shit.
  14. What have you got to gain from chatting on the net?Nothing but hassle thats what.
  15. alow this bullshit its ruining the thread.pm each other for fucks sake.
  16. ordered that style profile ages back.grabojism cunts took the money and never sent it. cunts
  17. bump for all this brizzle goodness.
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