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  1. bump whatever happened to setup disappeared off the map
  2. If totem is makin money theirs no need to hate...he turned something he does all the time into something to make money off of which all of us would love to do. Stay up.
  3. They got video of him in action and a new story about it peep it: http://www.channel4.com/news/special-repor...page.jsp?id=492
  4. I dont know i just cant stand oker's throwie. Just looks so bad.
  5. Every single head pushing KCW deserved that shit 100 percent. Its not like the harcore bombing crews that let every fukin little kid they meet push it or more precisly think they push it (36) but just sick nuts guys with mad style. Props :king: :king: :king:
  6. :king: THis is like 3 blocks from a precinct.
  7. ISnt greenland the one with extreme cold weather?
  8. Yo ur mad dumb...why the fuck would undercover be in a store looking for shoplifters...and then why the fuck would they call cops when they can take care of everything themselves. U let store security jerk u good. never stop always run!
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