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  1. docs


    meak fell off, he got eaten by bats... what a douchebag
  2. docs


    that snitch rhem? do you just close your eyes turn your brain off and throw your fingers at the keyboard? you really dont know shit about shit how have you not been shot yet?
  3. docs


    this guy owes me a punch in the face for the time i painted a skull with some straight letters ...bring it on billy good thread keep em comin
  4. your a photografag get a camera and do it yourself scumbo
  5. docs


    no one missed me ....i hope
  6. docs


    my bad billy lets let marc bode do em only so that know one ever sees em...... whiney ass whiner
  7. docs


    i guess its probably the right time i put this up ...shit its been like 5 months since we painted it
  8. docs


    if i remember right i saw it on some train tracks, i could be mistaken but then again maybe not.... ps where do you see bone i belive in the flick it ends at dfires e what are you not telling me- is my mind that easy to read- man i need more foil for my hat
  9. docs

    we are awsome...

    ...... youre still not
  10. slayer high on fire electric wizard eyehategod anthrax maiden
  11. whos gonna do tailwhips on a rail road track come on guys thats not very dave mirraish. now rail ramps; id like to see a train gap tracks one day
  12. last time i looked to that dickhead for advice on where i could get something to eat he counted to 3 and kicked me in the ass dont trust him hes nothing but a damn owl
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