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  1. My mops with the wide eraser nibs have a screw on cap...they drip like crazy when you tag...you don't need to press down for drips, they drip as you write...no ink gets on my hands and they NEVER leak. You just have to have the right container and know how to make a real nip. All you need is basic common sense. But, most of the time I just carry a mini OTR flowpen filled with garvey. They work well and are easy to stash. Garvey will work with every tagging device in the book. It is hard to get it off the net...when I was young I stole it from supermarkets or got it from someone who worked there that access to their supplies...But, that was rare. I'm sure the green rocks...nothing can match the big G!:king:
  2. Garvey There is no doubt it Garvey is Da Shit! I bombed the bathroom stalls in North Central Hospital in Da-Bronx. There were a few tags with pilots are paint type markers. So, I decided to use my fat drippy garvey mop with violet ink. I did the tags a month ago. Today I went into the bathroom and the only tags that were on those stalls were my fat drippy garvey tags...you could tell they tried to buff one tag...but they hardly even smudged it. The surface of stalls was like an orange shiny metal and the garvey just seeped in and stained. Being they could not even smudge the tags. I doubt they will paint over them. For 2 reasons...the first reason is if they paint over it you will still see my tags and the second reason is if they paint over it...then all dye type inks will not come off. Pilot, marsh, even el-markos or marks a lot and sharpies will seep into the paint. Being the surface on the stalls was shiny...my tags look shiny. Whenever I or anyone else tagged on these stalls...they were able to buff them off in no time. Now that I used Garvey...they are stuck with my tags...They use that anti vandal spray and it did nothing! So, I am truly convinced that garvey is the most permanent ink made (I already knew this) I am just reassured now. You don't need to try to enhance it with other ingredients to "try" to make it more permanent. You most likely will fuck up the orignal components...Just leave it alone go out and DESTROY! Black, Red & Blue Garvey are also motherfuckers to buff!
  3. You mean from paint to ink...Because you don't need to do that if your nib is an ink nib...just take the ink nib and the paint will work fine. But, if it has paint ink on it and you want to use regular ink...then you have to remove the paint.
  4. You would be nuts to even bother doing that...it is not worth the time and the ink will suck...it would take a week to get enough bic ink out of those very skinny tubes. Just get shoe or leather dye and bomb! That would be crazy to use bic ink.:lol:
  5. My mini with the same black marsh from the same can is working fine. But, the bombing marker is all gummy...maybe because I don't use my bombing marker that much and the cap is not air tight. But, it should not get all gummy and tared up...I even put in a fresh nib and a week later it happened again...it is all gummed up....So, what the fuck! Also, OTR & BOMBING markers are made from the same company...they just stamp different names on them...Other than that they are identical. On an another note...white griffin is garbage...it is white chalky shoe polish. So, it will really fuck up anything you put it in...just keep it in the shoe polish applicator to write with...because it is far from ink. Soak the nib in paint thinner...ink won't do much to fix your problem.
  6. I have been having a problem with my black marsh....it works well in my miniwides and it is great in mops. But, it is not working very well in my otr type flow pen...I bought an empty OTR type flow pen and filled it with black marsh and it worked ok on the first few tags, then the nib started to get gunked up like tar...So, I replaced the nib and it is doing the same thing...the marsh gets all gummy and it is like tar in the nib...even if I press down on it to get the nib juicy...the nib is still tar like and it hardly writes...I don't think masrh is a good match for the OTR type nibs. But, it works great on any other nib or marker...just not the OTR types. Has this happened to you...I'm sure it has.:mad:
  7. You should skim this thread to get ideas on what inks to make and buy. But, being you don't know that much...then I will give you some sound advice...Nero is over-rated and over priced. You are better off to spend 5 bucks more on a can of black Marsh...you get twice as much, the ink is just as good...if not better for your needs, and it is only 5 bucks more, for twice as much. Also bombing science is out of stock on Nero. So, get the Marsh at the site I posted below...you can't go wrong with it. Being you are new at this...you really don't need to start mixing up ink or getting heavy duty ink like Garvey. Just get the Marsh and practice your style and get up... CLICK HER FOR MARSH
  8. City wide sucks ass...you only get half a pint for $10.50. You should just get a pint of black marsh (dye type). Because marsh is twice as good, you get twice as much and it is only 5 bucks more...urban designz has it. Garvey makes a good black dye type ink, and you get a whole pint for about 15 bucks. Talk about ghosting...forget about it...it does not get much better than Garvey. I have red Garvey too...It is like a blood red and it really stains and flows like water in my mop with drips that go all the way down to the floor. I also use blue garvey...the only garvey I don't have or ever used is the green. But, I am sure it is the best green you will ever find...in regard to dye type ink. Paint type ink is so much easier to buff then dye type ink. Especially if you use it on painted surfaces. Paint and paint type ink is too thick to seep in and stain...Dye ink is just what it is...dye!
  9. YOU BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH HOMES...LOL:lol: (edit) But, you can refill pentels...just do what I said above. I personally would not waste my time...because you can get those pentels for $2.99 at rite aid....or you can get them for free by taking the marker out of the package (incase it has an alarm sensor and walk right out the store with a few) Just play it off. Get a pack of gum or a candy bar at the counter. That way they won't think you racked anything. Thats what I used to do and it always worked...I am not just talking about markers, I am talking about anything you want from the store. By the way, another good way to refill a pentel or any other valve type marker is take the nib out and use a mini funnle. Minni funnles are small enough to fit in the hole where the nib goes and you hold the funnle down and it will press the valve down, making it very easy to refill...no fuss no mess. I even use funnles on OTR type markers. That way I don't have to take it apart. I just take the nib out and use the funnle to press down on the valve and I fill it up that way. I feel taking apart an OTR is a little messier than simply using a funnle. Being the markers are clear, you know when they are full.
  10. It is raining like hell here in New York City. Anyway...yes Marsh makes white paint type ink...it is a little pricy. But, it is good stuff (below) I like to use white ink with just a little violet garvey, or a little blue, or a little red, or a little green. It makes a phat color. It has that creamy look and it is hard to buff. Also, they will get most paint type off...But, if you have a little garvey in it, you will still see some ghosting from dye type ink. You can refill white shorties, all you have to do is take the nib out and use a steardy skinny stick type device to push the valve down and slowly put your ink in...use an eye dropper or just pour it in with the nozzle slowly and maybe put a few drops of purple dye type ink in it to jazz it up a little. You don't even need to use white ink...use any ink you want to refill a shortie. It will mix the the remaining white ink and make a nice color. MARSH PAINT TYPE INK...CLICK HERE
  11. Being the real TVS does not exist anymore...I could see toys or new school writers hitting up the crew. Who is going to complain? A 40 year old ex writer member of TVS? LOL But, they know and the real TVS writers know they were not Geed to hit it up. However, I have put a few writers down in TVS, RTW, and ROC. I have juice with these crews and can put anyone I want down. I used to be MIN ONE's right hand man during the mid to late 80's. In fact RTW really stood for Rolling Thunder Writers...a tagging crew from the upper west side of Manhattan. Bill Rock gave the RTW crew to MIN and it was changed to Rock The World. Also, TVS used to be ZEPHYER'S crew, it stood for The Vice Squad. Then Shock 125 told ZEPH that he was making it The Vamp Squad and told ZEPH he was not down...nor could he tag TVS anymore. He said MIN was down but not Zeph. It was kind of a messed up situation. Because MIN and ZEPH did alot of writing together. For some reason ZEPH was respected... but was not liked that much among the other hard-core writers. So, there is a little "Real" history for you guys. I will be seeing MIN at the show on the 23rd. I am taking my camera for old times sake.
  12. I don't think ole' rubbish is too worried if we post a couple of things other than ink, once in awhile...as long as it is graff related...it seems that we all know each other on this thread...that's why I am always posting on it...I don't like to spread my posts out too thin...Someone mentioned that anything anyone needs to know about ink, is already on this thread...So, there is not much more to add in regard to ink...So, it is OK to talk about other things at this point. I am sure everyone agrees. :D
  13. I noticed this in someone's sig Radical self expression is a crime punishable by no less than 2 (two) years in a state prison and a $10,000 dollar fine. I guess some states might take graff very seriously. But, in NYC graffitti is part of the city. It always has been and always will be. So, it is more accepted then in most other places. My buddy got caught doing a tag in the train station while waiting for a train with a pilot. Two undercover cops caught him...asked him for ID and gave him a $75 summons and took his ink and markers. That's it. I have never heard of anyone getting jail time or prison time for tagging up. They don't have the bed space in our jails for such petty crimes. They use the bed space in our prisons and jails for rapists, murderers, armed robbers, major drug dealers, assault charges...But, not for tagging your name on a wall or a subway. Even if you got caught with a dime bag of heroin, crack, weed or cocaine...they just give you a very small fine...no jail time. So, the smaller the city, the more serious graffiti and petty crime is.
  14. My homeboy RIST TVS wrote me and told me about a show on the 24th in downtown Manhattan I am going to check it out....I have not seen most of the writers that are going to be there in years...some writers I have not seen in 15 years....So, it will be a big treat for me. I am getting my markers ready to sign black books and to have my black book signed. When I told my wife about it...she did some research and found out the data on the link below. This way I will get to see who some of you are, if you show up. Alot of my old skool friends will be there. Plus my man DURO (king of the 6 line) is hosting it. So, if you live in the NY area check it out...it will be fun.:king: CLICK HER FOR GRAFF SHOWS
  15. The little Giant is the exact same eraser on the first picture I posted on the above post...it is made by Quartet...it simply has a different sticker on it...the strips are grey and somewhat narrow...to take the strips off the eraser...use a razor blade to cut the stitching. The 5 inch republic (above) has black strips that are wider than the little giant. But, both are good...different sizes for differnt size mops. The republic (above) is my favorite and the cost like a dollar twenty five each.
  16. Dam panty hose? I have never heard of using that to make a nib in my life. But, I guess if you do not have much to work with...you have to come up with things. It is a shame they don't still use the wool-felt erasers in the public school systems anymore. Because, when I get them off the net I can get an old skool one 6 strip eraser for less that a $1.50. You see being that all the schools in NYC had these wide stripped ultra strong wool-felt erasers. We never had to make or come up with any other type of homemade nib. Because, nothing was or is better than wool-felt. So, I guess the schools do not use these strong felt erasers anymore. They are using bullshit...that is why you guys are having such a hard time making decent nibs. I can tell they don't use them in the schools or sell them in the local stores...not only because you guys are not using them. But, I had to really search the web to find out to where to get real wool erasers. When I found out to get them. I wasted no time...I bought a dozen of the wide strip ones and a dozed of the narrower strip ones. But, they can be cut down to fit any type of marker or container. But, remember you want to fold them in half then stick them in the opening of your bombing container. You simply stick in a strip...unless it is folded. That is what makes a nib. I wish my PC cam was working so I could do a step by step demonstration on how to make a "real" mop with "real" felt nibs. Common sense should make most of you guys put a mop together. You just need the right type of container with a larger enough opening to fit a folded eraser strip in it. After it is folded, the fold will make the nib part wide preventing it from falling in the container. You just shove in the two ends into the container and the fold is your nib. It is so simple. If I had a picture...you would see exactly what I'm talking about. You can't use the average roll on container. You have to get the Arrid XX. Because, it has a ring that holds the ball on. Once you pop that ring off, you have a wide opening. When we first started using roll on containers, they were made out of glass (glass is not used anymore) But, the glass had a plastic ring that held the ball. Once that was popped off, the ball would come out and you would pour out the deodorant and wash and dry it. Now, you had a nice bombing container, The screw on cap gave enough room to place back on. Because, the eraser nib took the place of the ball roll that rolled on the deodorant. The Arrid XX is a blue container and it is the only roll on that has that detachable ring to remove the ball. The other roll on's are one solid piece and when you take out the ball...the opening is small...so they are worthless. Now, if you can't get the Arrid XX. And you have to use a show polish applicator. Make sure you get the round 4 oz container. Not that bullshit 2 and a half ounce non round container. Remove the shoe polish. Throw away that bullshit foam nib, wash it dry it, fill it with good ink and take the narrow type eraser strip cut it in half, fold the remaining in half and put it in the container like a plug. make sure it is folded. The exposed part of the nib will expand when you flatten it a little. Making it so it will not fall in your 4 oz container. Then you will have a pretty good mop. with good flowing ink. Every single tag will be drippy. Plus,4 ounces is a lot of ink too. So, you will get a lot of use out of just one filled 4 oz mop with the felt nib. The narrow eraser strips are perfect for these type of mops and it is about twice as wide as an OTR nib. Because, the felt expands once it is flattened out...I have a feeling a lot of you guys might have to see what I'm talking about. Then once you see it...you will feel foolish that you never thought of it. But, some of you are smart enough to understand how to make "real" mops. I am going to give the link one more time to get your "real" felt erasers...there is nothing else you can compare these to. The one on top is the narrow strip and the one under it is the wide strip. I suggest you get a couple of each. They are under a buck 50 each and it is well worth it. You can make 12 mops with one eraser. So, for a buck fifty, you can make 12 of the 4 ounce shoe polish mops...you can't beat it. Then with the wider erasers you can make 6 mops (ultra wide type mops) for a dollar and some change. They take money orders and they have a phone number...a 1-800 number. So, if you really want to make huge improvements on your mops and markers get the dam erasers on the link below and get famous... (don't bother wasting your time with chap stick markers...don't waste time with wax, don't waste time making VCR mops...Just get a good container, a real felt eraser, good ink, practice your style and start bombing. Don't waste your time on foolish things) SLIM TYPE ERASER...NARROW STRIPS http://www.misterart.com/grouppix/528x352/2000/g2500.jpg'> WIDE TYPE ERASER...WIDE STRIPS http://www.misterart.com/grouppix/528x352/7000/g7898.jpg'> Get both type for your different needs and different size mops. You need the right kind of container to make the mop and forget about bingo markers and 2 and a half ounce shoe polish containers...those are kind of toy. GET YOUR ERASERS HERE AT MR. ART
  17. Exactly...you never want to use soft felt of valve type markers. However if you take out the valve, to prevent soft felt from going in the marker...take a few strong needles or pins and stick them through the felt so they kind of overlap...making it so the nib won't go in. or even two skinny nails. cut them down to get the cap back on. I have never done that with a valve type marker...I only use that technique for mops. But, I suppose it would work the same way. Your best bet is stick with the nibs that are made for valve markers and use felt for mops. That is very cheap felt...It is not weaved strong and it looks like you can pull it apart like cotton candy. What you want to get is wool-felt erasers. Like the ones I have posted on the page before this one. They don't make erasers like they used too. But, the ones I posted on page 20 are the type of erasers that are mega strong. You cannot tear or rip these suckers. You have to cut them. So, if you are going to use felt...make sure it is made out of wool. The one you showed me looks like cotton or something.
  19. Actually you would not lose your ink supply. In fact a shoe polish applicator is not predictable on how much ink you will use on each tag. Because, you have to press down on it...making it so you might waste more ink than you need to make a nice smooth drippy tag. With the felt strip, you know exactly how much ink you are using per tag. Because, it requires no pressing to obtain ink. Hence, it flows exactly the way you want it. When it is full of ink you hold it kind of upwards then as the ink runs out you hold it so the nib is juicy. You tend to loose twice as much ink with foam nibs and they don't write as smooth as felt. The foam sometimes does not slide on alot of surfaces and sometimes it gets hooked preventing smooth lines. I know you know what I am talking about. When I was a youngster and we did not have anything to bomb with. We simply walked into the drug store and got griffin shoe dye, with that foam nib. They were about 99 cents when I was using them. So, why bother stealing them? But, we stole them anyway...that buck would get us a joint of weed on the corner....Lol Then we would write with them till they were empty and throw them away when the dye was finished....I guess if you got nothing else, it beats a blank. Because, I used them when I had nothing or we ran out of ink or spray paint. But, as I got older I was getting good money (for that time) and I always had primo shit...The graff store on Broadway sold everything you could ever dream of...if was a writers paradise. Bombing was huge in NYC in the 70's and 80's and this store got rich selling graff supplies. It was called Bombay...99th and Broadway. Near the 103rd street #1 train lay up:)
  20. I guess it is understandable to like that sponge type nib, if you never used a felt strip eraser nib. Foam will fall apart in a few days. But, once you go with the felt type eraser strips...you will never go back to foam again. The felt lasts forever. It writes on every surface, the ink flows very good and you do not have to press down on it to get the ink out it just flows out. If you used one, you would see a HUGE difference in your tags. They will be neat straight, fat and drippy, writes on anything and won't make a mess on your hands. Also, to refill simply take the nozzle/eye-dropper and put in between the nib and the container and your mop will be filled in no time...no mess...no gloves needed. And you will have very fat drippy tags. I posted the link for the erasers above. Because, you really can't get these type of erasers at any store...even here in America. Back in the days. We just took them from school. But, they don't seem to make them like the ones shown above. So, they are really old skool. I have used all types of markers, nibs, etc.; in the last 25 years of my tagging career and the eraser nib is the best...hands down. If you notice it only cost about a buck and change for a 6 strip eraser on the link above. At urban desingz they want like 3 bucks for one replacement nib for an OTR. You just can't compare anything to these and the price is right. By the way, when you say "original mop" you are simply talking about a shoe polish applicator...The mop you are using is the new generation mop...not an original. So, it is not really a mop. Being this generation really never used a real "MOP" I guess that shoe polish applicator is what you think a mop really is. A real mop is a home made marker with a felt eraser nib, that drips with no pressure and is wide and not factory made...Those are the Original mops..Shoe polish applicators that are factory made are considered "toy-mops." An already made shoe polish applicator that has a nib that will fall apart within a few tags is not a mop brother, it will work OK...if you are only tagging on glass or something. If you went on a serious bombing mission. Make sure you bring about 5 or 6 extra of those foam nibs. Because they will simply disintegrate. That's just how I see it.
  21. Plus, you never use those toy foam rubber nibs....get a chalk board eraser and take a strip and fold it in half and shove it in the opening of your mop...if the strip is too narrow than put another strip in between the fold...but, one folded eraser nib should do it...also, if you feel it will fall into the container ....take a nail and put it in the fold and clip just enough so it over laps the opening of your mop...this will prevent the nib from going in your mop...but, if you get the ultra wide erasers, you can trim it so it fits in the opening and it will be wide on top...too wide for it to slip in the container...always go with a felt type eraser for a nib...there is nothing better....I should not be telling you these things...because I tend on selling the best mop you ever thought existed on ebay...but, below is a tip on what to use for the nib...just take a strip fold it and shove it in your mop...that simple. And always keep your mops UPRIGHT ALWAYS! SLIM TYPE ERASER...NARROW STRIPS http://www.misterart.com/grouppix/528x352/2000/g2500.jpg'> WIDE TYPE ERASER...WIDE STRIPS...the best kind http://www.misterart.com/grouppix/528x352/7000/g7898.jpg'> Get both type for your different needs and different size mops. You need the right kind of container to make the mop and forget about bingo markers and shoe polish containers...those are kind of toy. GET YOUR ERASERS HERE AT MR. ART
  22. I did some tests on various inks and I found out what I basically knew already. I had a few markers/mops and a can of Rusto in my knapsack and went into the projects across the street from my mom's house in Manhattan. I did a few tags with Garvey and Marsh Dye Type Ink. I did a few tags with Krink ink and Krink type ink and I did a few tags with Paint Markers and some in spray paint. I did these tags on a smooth wall in a stairwell that was enamel painted and on the elevator door...I knew my tags were going to get buffed within a few days of tagging them. Here is what happened. They had no problem removing the paint type ink and they had no problem removing the Rusto. But, they could not get rid of the dye type ink...The Garvey left serious ghosting stains, the drips went to the floor and the ink dripped on the floor and it was absorbed by the gray painted floor and the red painted door on the elevator. So, everything was buffed except for the dye type ink. It seeped into the painted surface. I also tagged on this plastic sign in the lobby and it did not come off but the paint marker was wiped off, the Garvey stayed. They just sprayed the tags with anti vandal type spray it seems.... and wiped the paint type tags right off...all of the Dye type ink did not get buffed at all. Then I went back to bomb the building again and The dye type tags were painted over and it did nothing. You could read the tag as clear as day under the paint. On the red elevator door I used Violet Garvey and black marsh...they were able to get most of the marsh off...but marsh is good and will not fade outdoors like most regular ink...it has got an opaque likeness to it...so different inks are good for different things.. In the stair well, I used red garvey and, and after they tried to buff it they then used gray paint to go over the red Garvey tags...It stood out in spitethey painted over it. Anything that was paint based was buffed like water with the spray they used. The Dye type ink rules! There is no doubt about it!:king:
  23. Whats up brother. I'm sorry, I should not have wrote that stuff. It was not directed to you or anyone. I was just writing a goof...thats all. No hard feelings OK. Peace. -Dave
  24. I was joking around with you guys when I was talking about using piss...I just wanted to add a little humor to the thread. I am sure ODS-1 was messing around as well. I don't want anyone to think I am some sort of an asshole.
  25. If you notice bird shit is really hard to get off things. Here in New York City. They have to use a sand blaster to get bird shit off buildings.
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