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  1. Crimson, sorry, theres NOTHING about you that sticks out for me. no wait...I dont like your username at all. Crismon? what he fuck is that? like Crimson Tide? the movie? it sucks, i sounds like some old guys last name.
  2. DETO your the one typing in PINK, not me. Fucking fag, I bet you support gay marriages too. PMB, you shouldnt
  3. Aight Poop Man Bob Mr. Law School/graffiti artist????????? your just as bad as a cop fo us and i see no reason why these niggas even relate to you. Your wife/fiancee was a typical white girl, together as a couple you look boring as fuck. I know you dont write cause youd be too much of a bitch to get arrested and fuck your legal future up. our fiance/wife wants you for the money that will come in from being a lawyer. Shell later cheat on you no doubt about it. You yourself look like a fucking retarded little pussy bitch that most likeley was made fun of like crazy in high school, unless your whole high school was little bitches like you/a.k.a. typical white high school. Your not funny, and the effort you put into your new threads is so useless it disgusts me. Other htan that, your a fag.
  4. And that shirt el mamerro designed was weak and NOTHING special. iquit looks like the biggest DORK Ive ever seen. To add to that, hes in fcuking China cause he couldnt compete with the big guys in the US. KaBar is a redneck hick hillbilly dropout. And his daughter is probably getting fucked in her little pussy right now over at her new college. Unless shes fat and ugly as hell. even then she might be getting it. Tease is cooler than most of you stupid motherfuckers cause he deletes allot of his posts and he doesnt care but you niggas trip off it like little bitches.
  5. Okay here is where all youbitches can complain about me. Let me start with Devilush, 900 copies is shit, black and white is even worse, graff in black and white"???cmon get the fuck outta here. Lens, your bitch is fat and has small ugly tits and no ass thats it.
  6. ^^^^bitch dont be mad at me cause your magazine is a fucking pathetic failure
  7. shit know wonder Tease hates almost every last one of you people. Most of you are stupid as fuck!
  8. take the lumber yard job, but expect to be working with the lumber more than with the counter. pussy
  9. Lens dont you have a NASTY girlfriend to jack you off instead? with a belly and small tits and no ass
  10. ^^^ YEAH AIGHT! ms. Black and White Graffiti Magazine. what the HELL were you thinking?!! dike
  11. does a dick feel good up a womans pussy for real? I mean, shit, let me let you bitches know right now, pussy feels a-fucking-mazing.do bitches masterbate allot like niggas? cause niggas masterbate ALLOT! are bitches attracted to niggas that call them bitches? I mean, you bitches are nothing but bitches, keep that in mind, just by being on 12oz and on this bullshit message board your automatically nothing but a bitch fake bitch. Im realer than that, I come here to spread the realness...ahhhh..Im bored. that vagina condom shit looks like some horrible shit. fuck feminism women belong in the kitchen, except my mother, shes a queen, but you bitches are nothing yawn
  12. ^^^ aight australian huh? I dont think I like you people either.
  13. nice shit, although it is VERY TOURISTY and TOURIST SPOTS, its aight, I wont hold that against you. At least you tried. on a side note, I have a wierd feeling that Ive been to London before.... on another side note, theres allot of traveling artsy bitches on twelve ounce lately, and I call for their downfall by uniting the non travelling,broke, non artsy 12ozers. REVOLUTION!
  14. I fucking hate white american men and I hate chinese/japanese women, so.... I hate EVERYTHING about you and your life I dont like ponies and never did that thing is nothing near anything I would call a "toy" white trash in china? hahahaha what a BUM! couldnt compete with Americans could you?
  15. ^^ you know what they say in the bronx the bigger pussy the girl is, the tighter the pussy she has
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