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Everything posted by KYU

  1. i dont know, selling herb can be decently profitable
  2. KYU

    oil drilling in alaska

    i think its a good idea
  3. yay for bringing back three year old threads for no reason
  4. KYU

    The Draft

    ooooh, more liberal propaganda, thanks hypocrites
  5. let the kids smoke their weed, wtf is the problem
  6. i was specifically named after michael j fox's character
  7. yeah they're sheep, thanks for the news flash.
  8. did i miss something
  9. -chainsaws -necrophilia -small rodents
  10. the fuck is so good about ipods in the first place
  11. KYU

    LCD Soundsystem

    how the fuck can EVERY snowflake be unique?? i think this question deserves its own thread
  12. lesbian slut for sure. i aint gobblin on no dicks
  13. KYU


    what happens at the end
  14. my weapon of choice is a chainsaw but ive been known to settle with a sandblaster, little messier though.
  15. you know what i hate, those stupid anti drug commercials. especially that one where the 3 year old kid is putting her pool toys in the pool and it goes "just tell your parents you were too busy getting high, they'll understand" when all shes doing is putting her pool toys in the pool, as if the parents are gonna come home and go WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SHE GOT HER POOL TOY WET AGAIN!!
  16. or the other two kids were arabs
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