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  1. i took spanish in highschool. i hardly remember anything, but about a month ago i had a dream where i was speaking to this chick in spanish and it made sense. maybe it didnt, but in the dream it seemed to. i thought it was pretty odd
  2. not an actual picture, but same toad. the glands on his neck and legs produce a venom that is a natural source of dmt. fun
  3. better picture of him but seriously, bring back sean connery. that cat did not fuck around
  4. i think im gonna get cancer from all the soda cans i smoked out of back in the day
  5. and that van with the free candy had me rolling. my friend has a van, and we are so doing that.
  6. I'd say 200. i'm picturing the fight in my head and it reeks with so much awesomeness I cant even explain it. it would be like some kill bill type shit, with bodies strung everywhere, some alive and still moaning and others with their heads cracked across the floor. flying roundhouse kicks would dismember arms and legs as blood flies obnoxiously everywhere. a well placed super punch could pop their soft little heads clean open. a kid comes at me swinging his arms like a gorilla and WHAM, hes got a chestfull of nothing. then I eat his heart infront of all the other kids. then round 2 begins
  7. KYU


    I think he's talking about nigger craps
  8. maybe we should just flip a coin
  9. seems like shes just a burden on everyone *but also, im pretty sure it's well established that she is not retarded, she is brain dead. there's nothing left there. it's not like "lorenzo's oil" where it's a person actually trapped inside a nonfunctioning body.
  10. i hope you were serious about sending you viruses cuz you just got a good one :biglaugh:
  11. KYU

    Personal Safety

    my personal favorite heavier and has shorter range but oh man, when you're sawing through flesh like it was a warm knife through butter you'll know why this weapon is superior to all others
  12. KYU


    booed off stage? haha thats funny
  13. my friend has a cat named mr. moto
  14. maybe her husband just has a small peepee
  15. KYU


    no shit, i could have made a fortune by now if i knew that
  16. i had an out of body experience after drinking a bottle of cough syrup. shit is no joke. too bad i can hardly remember it
  17. KYU

    another peta video

    'ELF' and 'ALF'? are you fucking kidding me?
  18. die you ugly whore retard. this bitch is worthless die slow complete fuckhead
  19. i was bustin up over this one
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