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Everything posted by KYU

  1. that suitcase looks waaaaay too complicated for something thats just going to tag the ground anyway.
  2. damn these people will write a book about anything. this is crap
  3. KYU

    how long will the USA last?

    who says we cant just conquer the world. wouldnt it be for the best anyway.
  4. i think very few of these can be considered underground even at the time of their release
  5. too much cgi though, i want good ol bruce lee asswhoopin.
  6. why is it these threads seem to show up every few months.
  7. i dont see whats so funny
  8. KYU

    Fuck Gmail.

    whats so great about this
  9. i just took out my wrist rocket and nailed this squirrel with a nickel. right in the neck. that fucker was twitching and everything, he tasted kind of gross though.
  10. a hobbit would make a good camel jockey
  11. KYU

    Help me decide...

    i remember paying a bum with this big straw hat to buy me a 40. he was sickly looking and pale as fuck, but man he ran like a fucking track star
  12. yeah, if there was a hatch id be out of that fucker within 15 minutes. this guy is just a moron
  13. the only thing nickels are good for anyway is throwing at people
  14. what the hell is that little bottle hes using, super glue?
  15. kinda weak actually, i mean they'e only meal worms. when they get it on under a killer bee hive then im there.
  16. that one house on its side it cool as hell. even the writing on the roof is upside down
  17. watching 24 makes me want to rip my eyes out of my skull with a sandblaster
  18. does this girl know about all this shit?
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