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  1. i thought the first one was bad. this new one looks better
  2. KYU

    WTF Bugs??

    and what did they ever do to you?!
  3. KYU

    WTF Bugs??

    I'd say you just got an old apartment building
  4. somebody needs to get these kids some herb and fast
  5. man that thing wont work, it doesn't even have a flux capacitator
  6. man they got that place on lock now
  7. what the shit is a nigra
  8. KYU


    gave up at 11
  9. i got what everyone else has pretty much. no cash, license, random shit on cards and 1 razor blade. yay for me?
  10. haha yeah or you could just go to http://www.yahoo.co.jp and type in anything.
  11. where's the 31 very GOOD masturbation ideas? that might be a little bit more useful if you know what i mean
  12. great advice. a friend of mine walked into an albertson's when he was 17 and filled a backpack with JD. he was watched the entire time by an undercover. as he was leaving they tried to stop him but he didnt, so they tackled him which also broke the bottles in the backpack. they took him into the back room where he got to have a nice little chat with security, but he is an arrogant fucker and ended up mouthing off to them. they would have just called his dad and let him off, but i guess they didn't like his attitude at all so they called the cops, who filed a full report and my friend got fucked with probation. from my understanding, giving authority the respect they deserve is going to help you a lot more than anything else you could do for yourself when caught.. besides running of course.
  13. i think there was a lot of room for leniancy on the cops part but ultimately he did do the correct thing. if a bitch isnt listening sometimes you just got to make them understand, one way or another. i think we can all agree though that her reaction to being tazed was fucking rediculous, she was acting out for sure. besides, ive never heard of tazers killing anyone. im sure it happens but its not a realistic outcome to consider when you're a cop and dealing with a person that does not listen to a single one of your commands when you give her plenty of time to comply and you even repeat yourself multiple times.. anyone ever watch cops? there was one hour long cops called "TAZED AND CONFUSED" and it was pretty funny. almost EVERY time they tazed someone though it seemed like there was plenty of room for them to handle the situation a different way, except when they got a methhead whos resisting violently. they take a taze to the chest for a few seconds and the last thing they think of doing afterwards is resisting.
  14. i remember watching wrestling when i was little and thinking it was real. kids at recess back then always played wrestling, we would have matches and shit and kids would get DDTed and start crying. the kids no one liked always had to be the loser mexican wrestlers or something.
  15. that picture sucks, im sure it doesnt look that real in person
  16. KYU


    ghetto shit im thankful for... -always knowing i can get a bag within atleast 100 yards of my house -experiments with molotov cocktails -2 swishers for a dollar, and knockoff hoe-hoes and other pastries for $.25 -a frieght line right by my friends house -catching a field on fire by accident and running my ass off -mowing lawns for weed money -stealing a $300 dollar bike in broad daylight infront of a school but only getting $15 for it -niggers milling about acting like they arn't up to anything -smoking at the same benches at the same park -hotboxing moms car was a classic too
  17. is it just my medication or is this game really fucking frustrating
  18. i liked the camera constantly cut to steve harvey and other random niggers in the audience
  19. a friend of mine once showed me how to make myself faint. first he took a lot of quick deep breathes, then he would clamp both hands around his neck. he would squeeze with his finger tips on the back of his neck, using his palms to cut off the circulation, and he just held like that. the first few times he couldnt get it to work so he surprised me when his whole body just goes limp. right away he comes back and is like 'ooooooh yeah thats the good stuff.' I never tried it though
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