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  1. my educated opinion: the new world order is at hand. the cia commited 9-11, the elitists already run most of the world, and soon they will create a false messenger from god to dissolve all religions into one entity that will then become the world dictatorship. It will just take a little bit more brainwashing and some finesse. The first steps are already being taken.
  2. guns provide illusionary power for an illusionary reality.
  3. damn, and here I am thinking self incrimination is a good idea
  4. KYU

    best albums of '05

    screw '05, lets take it back to '95!
  5. KYU


    ^^my baby, just subtract the stickers and front brakes and add in a shitload of paint scuffs and rust galore. it was free. :laugh1:
  6. I dont think anyone needs scriptures or any religion to guide themselves through life. Why would I want someone else telling ME whats correct and incorrect? The individual needs to decide these things on a personal basis, on their own conscious reality. if you're not being true to yourself, if you're living up to other peoples standards and expectations then whats the point? you're not really being who you really are, you're just presenting that image that you desire to present. you're just playing the game, and infact games are everywhere. they are the product of the ego and generally everyone thinks in terms of 'games.' I do this-i get this, this is accomplished and it will make me happy--if it isnt it will make me sad, and so on. these are not needed, and I have found that a great deal of bliss comes from just BEING. Buddhists call it Samadhi, it is a state of pure consciousness and does not involve the impediment of the ego, which gives rise to the happiness/sorrow games. This is a whole world of games, and if everyone just stopped and began thinking on an individual level this world would be a lot different, probably unrecognizable. I myself used to spend a lot of time in the 'before' and 'after' until I realized that these things were doing me no good. I am at one with my god in the here and now. thats all there is, the now and the individual experiencing it.
  7. I like the show but I swear tom and the mayor are having sex inbetween scenes, I mean seriously why is tom always going to the mayor
  8. Ding ding. .....And of course, they all play right into it. Sad/pathetic. Quoted post [/b] Well YEAH. people are sheep through and through. whats worse is that this is just music, and it's right in your face. I look at this kind of shit and see a room full of millionaires scheming on how to make even more money. they get this shit planned out so it all equals out to maximum profit with minimum risk. they'll spend a million dollars just to have 100000 people in a focus group tell them they want guns drugs and pussy in their music like they didnt already have that. so what does that mean? fifty releases another album, using the same formulas they used last time, but they switch it up a little bit with different riffs and snares and random 'skits' that just involve people talking about nothing. Now the rich are richer, so what do they decide to do? release a movie of course! thats not enough though, they need to increase sales so they cook up some beef and start shoving it down our throats.. and this is just the music industry. imagine the bullshit our own government shoves down our throats for less money, all the while killing people across the globe. but who cares? we all got our own little slice of life, a job, a house, interests, money, whatever. worldy views don't mean shit to anyone. why cant people just stop and fucking think. why do they got to be fucking robots, because without any insight gained for themselves they are automatons, fucking just following everyone else into a deeper and deeper hole until the end. I dont think government is the answer, but if the illuminati are real and they have plans that involve reforming the human race then i want to sign up because this is about the smartest plan for the future ive seen, considering two things: a) oil will run out to some degree in our lifetimes b) the world will become overpopulated in the near future. im crazy though so dont trust me, decide for yourself because thats the only truth there is
  9. yeah, and whats sad is it would have made a better monster in a movie than pretty much anything else
  10. thank you, studentfilm is also a hobby of mine
  11. Well i just watched it, english subs included. it's basically a plate full of action with a small topping of storyline. anyone whos not familiar with FF7 would be completely lost, and probably not enjoy it much either. I thought it was pretty good and it looked fucking beautiful. you have to really enjoy japanese gravity defying martial arts too because it gets over the top near the end. I give it a 7/10. Clouds new bike is awesome.
  12. i got some 20 year old rusto glossy black, that stuff smells good enough to eat.
  13. i wonder what will happen when the oil crisis comes around
  14. the kid had dipshits on his back all the time and it just got old good riddence
  15. that lil mov reminded me of raw footage right away. i kinda felt sorry for her
  16. omentwo's mops RZ, whats on those mops? is it just that sponge crap or something else?
  17. KYU

    well there is a genocide

    that sure is a lot of detailed information about their camps
  18. the ghostface/mf doom collab should be out later this year. it will mostly be ghostface on lyrics with doom doing the production work
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