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  1. Disclaimer: dont do dumb illegal shit. This is to help you avoid pickpockets... Really! Pickpocketing is a simple and non-violent way to make some extra money. A busy crowd, a distracted lady with an open purse and a fat wallet, a bump and lift, and there is some extra money for you to spend on yourself. A partner is best for this sort of thing, but solo Pickpocketing is just as easy plus you get all the money for yourself. A lot of sites tell you how to avoid pickpockets, but Im going to teach you some ways to become one. Its quick, easy, and best of all youre long gone before they ever know their wallet is now safely in your pocket. Dont feel guilty though, you are teaching them a valuable lesson, and that is to watch their valuables better. A lot of the tips here are intended for our "Moll Buzzers" in training. A Moll Buzzer is a pickpocket who targets only women. But I have tips for taking the wallets of absent minded men also. Diversion is the key! Pickpocketing is a game of stealth and distraction. The human mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and its attention is easily diverted. If some one is thinking about something else, then their minds wont be on their pockets or purses...and whose hands are in them. Go for the easy targets, or "marks" in pickpocket lingo, first. Trust me, there are plenty. Men with baggie pants or big pockets, or women with purses open to the world. Women make better marks, seeing as how their wallets arent in contact with their bodies. Also, they dont always have their purses with them (in shopping carts, cars, back of chairs, strollers, etc.). But dont get me wrong, men make good marks too. The best places to try this are as follows outdoor restaurants, restrooms, parking lots, parks, libraries, in elevators, on escalators, in revolving doors, on crowded street, and in movie theaters. Restaurants are also fertile ground, diners hang bags or jackets over the back of their seats or, even more rashly, dump handbags out of sight on the floor. But if you see an opportunity anywhere else go for it! Never hesitate, if you feel its a golden moment then seize it! Remember be stealthy and blend in. Try not to act different or suspiciously. People will be on guard and might remember you if you act oddly. Pickpocketing, even if its a simple snatch of opportunity, is all about getting the goods and vanishing. Never run, unless you have too, but walk away briskly. Keeping our activities out of sight is vital for pickpockets. Be careful! Even if the mark feels or sees nothing, somebody else might. Be on guard for cameras and other peoples eyes, which are easily fooled. Most people arent paying any attention to anyone other than themselves, even thats poorly (which makes a pickpockets job even easier). Carry a shopping bag, book bag, or (ladies) and purse to hide your stolen goods in. Simple wallets can be placed in pockets, but if you have to grab the whole purse then you dont want to have to carry it in plan site. Always kep in mind that the human brain can be distracted easy. To prove this count to your self out loud to ten, but when you get to 5 think the word "Batman". Could you think and count at the same time? No, it doesnt work like that. The human mind can only focus on one thing at a time, so if you bump into someone they will feel that and not you slipping their wallet out of their pocket or purse. TIPS In a crowded place, for example, its normal for strangers to press up against each other, so they dont even notice something pressing against their pocket or purse. If the pickpocket is good, the mark never feels a thing. Purses: The best mark is a woman alone with a dangling purse from her shoulder, preferably with her purse flap open or unzipped. With the bag behind her gently feel for the snap (if it is still latched) and unfasten it, using your thumb to mask the click. The bag will drop slightly, but this is okay. Most women wont notice and the contents are now loser in the bag. After that slide your hand in and feel for the wallet, which should be easy since they are usually leather. Grab it with your index and thumb (the picking fingers. To strengthen them for a lift try putting tight rubber band around them and work opening and closing.) And gently slide the wallet out. If you have a partner pass it off, or just tuck it in your pocket and walk away. Its late and she needs gas. To save time shell just grab what she owes and run into the station, leaving her purse in her car. "Ill only be a minute," she thinks. This is a pickpockets dream come true, and one that shouldnt be passed. True its an opportunity Pickpocketing, but that doesnt matter. Time permitting, it is better just to snatch the wallet and leave the purse, but if you feel rushed then just grab the bag and leave quickly. Always keep an eye out for this, because it happens all the time. This works at post offices, sporting events, libraries, and sometimes just on the street when shes "just going in for a minute". Trust me, if you keep your eyes open it only takes a minute.The Car: If you should happen to notice a woman get out of her car and go in somewhere sans purse, casually stroll over to the car and look in the windows. If you only see a covered object on the passangers side floor, there is your target. Most women keep their purses on the passenger side, and if shes "Only going in for a minute" she may cover it up with a coat or something. Just open the door, grab the purse or wallet, and beat feet. Dont let the covering up fool you. Drop some change on the ground, and then step back and wait. This scam works with or without a partner. When a guy sees the change hell drop down or bend over to pick it up, and thats the time to strike. When bent down jeans will tighten on his hips-remember the mind can only focus on one thing at a time- and will also push the tip of the wallet a little out of the pocket. One quick push with your index finger at the bas of the pocket and the wallet comes right out into your greedy little hands. This also works for women either they set their purses down or they are flung heedlessly across their back. Anyway you look at it easy game. Lunch Time: Many people in office buildings or hospitals leave their offices unattended while they go to lunch. About noon go into one (if possible try and watch the place a couple times for the best marks) and walk around as if you have a right to be there. Most people wont bother to question you about being there if you arent looking suspicious. As soon as you see some women leave their offices, go in and close the door behind you. Most women put their purses in the left hand drawer of their desks or in a closet. Quickly find the purse and pocket the wallet, then leave. If you are fast you can make off with a couple wallets. Crowded elevators are a great place to pick a pocket. Stand be behind the mark and wait for the elevator to stop. When it does lean forward and either bump and lift from a guy or gently slide your hand into the ladys purse and remove the wallet. Then quickly, but not noticeably, leave the elevator. Escalators: This is one of the better places to snatch a wallet. The mark is right below you, and you can be noticeably pressed against them without being suspected. This a good place to work even if you dont have a partner. If you do have one, then have them drop something and then pick it up, bumping into the mark. As soon as this occurs lift their wallet. This scam is best done at the top or bottom of the stairs, as the mark doesnt have enough to time to check their valuables before the lift is gone. Or have your partner talk to the mark, distracting them while you lift their wallet or reach into their purse. If you are alone then use the normal techniques of bump and lift or use the motion of the escalator to mask the gentle lifting of their wallets. Pools and Beaches: "In the summer time when the weather is fine you can swish right up and make off with a wallet..." Corny songs aside, anywhere there is swimming going on there will be opportunities to pick a pocket. At the pool, watch where the men put the keys to their lockers (most public pools have locked lockers) and wait until they are distracted either by their kids or by swimming to grab the keys. Women usually take their bags out with them, so standard rules apply. Wait until they are swimming and either make off with the bag and put it under your towel or bag of your own, or, if the mark isnt paying much attention, sit down and quickly go through the bag (or bags if you are lucky) like you have every right to, and pocket the wallet. If you have a partner or crew here is a good scam to get away with a lot of purses. Have a friend wait outside the chain link fence (most pools have chain linked fences around them) while you, or you and a buddy, wait until most of the people are in the pool. The swimmers and the lifeguards will be paying more attention to the water than the ground, so carry off as many bags as you can, toss them to your buddy outside the fence, and then exit the pool the other way. Girls, a really simple on is the old sit down, grab the bag as if it was yours, and walk out. This can also work for guys since some women put their bags in other bags so that they wont be so noticeable. What wont be noticeable is a guy walking out of the pool with his bag... which just happens to have someone elses purse. Beaches are good because you can hit a lot of tourists, who usually have a bunch of money with them. Here is a scam for a two teamed group: walk up to a man or woman (presumably the opposite sex that you are) and ask them to help you put on sunscreen. While they do this, have your friend sneak up from behind and make of with their stuff. Simple, isnt it. Just like the pool, some women (and men this time) put their valuables in their bags where they wont be out in open. If you can just grab one and walk off do so. For men all I can really suggest is the good old bump and lift, which works with our without a partner. In a crowded area slide up behind him and once you gently fan (feel for which pocket the wallet is in) bump into him while forcing the wallet up with your thumb or index finger. To complicated for you? Then palm a sharp razor between your middle and index finger and slit the bottom of his pocket. This also works best for button pockets if you dont think you can get them open by unbuttoning them. Another bump and lift idea is to find your mark, preferably with an open back pocket, and walk straight towards them in a cramped hallway or area. As you press aginst him trying to go the other way, dip your fingers into his back pocket and lift. the bumbing into him as you pass by will mask the lift and after that its childs play to walk off with the wallet. Here is the behind the back method stand right beside the mark on the side opposite of the wallet pocket. Gently, but quickly, reach your arm behind the mark, using their own body to mask what you are doing, and gently open the lip of his back pocket. Reach in with your index and thumb, and then grip the top of the wallet. When he goes to move use his own forward momentum against him by using this to mask the lift. Another way to do this is on a bus or elevator use the motion to mask the lift. Since I made mention of it earlier, Id like to let you know that a razor, neatly palmed, is a pickpockets best friend. See a pocket that has a buttoned, zipped, or velcroed closing it and dont think you can open it? Press up against the mark and with one swift cut, open the bottom of the pocket with the razor. The wallet will fall out right into your greedy little hands. Most back pockets that have closing are loose (which is why they are closed, although if you can get them open then its easy pickings) and the wallet will fall out easily enough. On a purse you can use a razor one or two ways, either slit the side of the bag and reach in, or cut the strap and quickly disapear into the crowd. If you are watching a mark with a fairly difficult purse, then keep a careful eye on where she puts her wallet. As soon as she takes off follow her and wait until she is stopped or stalled somewhere (or have a partener stop her) and work up against her, simalar to a bump and lift. SLit the purse and pocket the wallet quickly. Another scheem is to have two partners wedge themselves against a woman in a crowd so that they are blocking her from both sides, forcing her purse around the back. quickly cut the straps, shove the purse in to a shopping bag and quickly exit. Your two friends are there to slow her turning around, so that you can make a get away. Sloppy yeah, but it will work. A team of three is required: two blockers and the receiver The mark is located on a busy platform. The subway arrives. The blockers crowd the target on either side and the receiver pulls the coat pocket/bag between the blockers from behind and helps himself to the contents. Just as the doors are about to close, both blockers jump out again, leaving the doors to close and provide a barrier between the team and the target. Optional: the target looks out of the window as the subway leaves, and the receiver waves the wallet in the air with a grin on his face. Hotels: For the most part, unless you are lucky or are working with someone at the Hotel, I would stay out of the rooms. The best two places to target are the dinning room and the poolroom. The lockers in the poolroom rarely have locks on them, so they are open game for our nibble fingered thief. If you are the type who wants to raid the rooms, unprotected pants pockets and purses will have keys in them. Here is another bump and lift scam. In a tightly packed crowd position you and a buddy between your mark and then press up against him. Use singles like a faint cough to get your "bump" to slightly lean to the left which will force the mark to also. Most men carry their wallets in their back right pocket, so this will open the lip of the pocket slightly. After getting the mark in the right position give off another faint signal and have you friend lean back slightly. This will mask you gently dipping your fingers in the lip and pulling out the wallet. You see a lady cross the parking lot o#*@!rocery store, and start to get into her car. Have a friend approach her and tell her that her tire is flat. Shell toss her purse into her car and come around for a look. Thats when you quickly reach in and take while she is distracted. You walk off quickly with the purse, take out the wallet and ditch the bag in the nearest dumpster. Another parking lot idea is similar, have your friend approach the woman while she is still loading up her goods (normally they leave their purses in the carts while doing this, usually still open) and ask her for directions. While she is distracted, quickly either grab her wallet or purse and make off with it. You and your buddy have some spending money tonight! "Mommy swing me hi!" You watch the mom leave the bench she is sitting at and push he child on the swings. Her purse is unattended now, and fair game. If its open just quickly pass by and take the wallet, if not then grab the whole bag. I have seen women do this a lot of times at the park. The park is a great place for a crime of opportunity. Purses left unattended, all thats left is to grab one. Ladies, here is a real simple on for you. Most women wear purses, its given. Most people dont pay attention to what purse the lady has (except us pickpockets) so if you follow another lady and see her put her purse down then calmly walk up behind her, or wait until shes gone, and just walk off with it. Simple opportunistic Pickpocketing yes, but it still works just as well. Ladies (or guys with a female accomplice) you see a lady walk into a rest room alone. Follow quickly and see which stall she is in. When she goes in walk up to the stall and watch her feet. This is what youll see: as she enters her feet face the wall towards the toilet. Next her feet turn around and are now facing the door. What she has just done was entered the stall, turned around, locked the door and placed her purse on the hook of the door. You will then see her feet turn around again. She will no spend up to 30 seconds or so fixing the seat cover on the toilet. When she turns to face the toilet, reach over the door and take her purse off of the hook. You see shell be momentarily distracted while she puts the seat cover on so that it will be a perfect fit and not fall in (or as a lead up sit all the toilet seats up so shell have to put it down, giving you more time). While she is doing this, her back is to the door and purse. Now think back about the last time you used the toilet in a public restroom. Where is the hook on the door? Right near the top of the door, making it very convenient for some enterprising soul to relive the lady or her wallet. With her purse in your hand, you can do one or two things. Either quickly pull out the wallet from her purse and toss the purse back over the door into her stall. Shell hear the noise, turn around, and see her purse on the floor. By the time she realizes what happened her wallet is gone. The other option for our nimble fingered thief is to take the entire purse and place it into an empty carry-on bag or shopping bag that she has with her and quickly walk out and blend into the crowd. Carry a coat or jacket over your arm: Here is how this works boys and girls, if the coat is over your arm then no one can see your hand. This is a good thing as that you can get closer to your mark. Either just drape your arm, or cut out one of the pockets to slip your hand through. A sample of how this might work could be like this: A lady gets on a crowded bus and pays the driver with cash. She puts her wallet back into her purse and moves onto the bus. A man moves forward, jacket over his arm, looking out the windows as if his stop is coming up. He stands by the woman and carelessly drapes his coat over her purse as he catches his balance. She doesnt think much of this and pays no attention, while he reaches through the cut out pocket and lifts her wallet. He then gets off the bus with no one the wiser. This coat trick is good in a crowded are if you dont want anyone to see your hands. You walk into a mall and enter the tightly packed food court. You spy a group of ladies who are busy chatting and easting lunch. Some of them have their purses beside of their chairs and some have them dangling over the back of them. You sit down in your chair behind one of them and appear to be engrossed in a newspaper or magazine. You then drop your hand down to the side and each into her purse without ever looking forward. Lift the wallet and then tuck it into your newspaper or magazine and walk away. This also works for men who put their wallet in their jacket pocket. Theater: The group of people in front of you set down and begin talking. While distracted look down while pretending to tie your shoe and see if any of the women put their purses on the floor. If so wait until the movie starts and then reach under her (or their if youre lucky) seat and grab the bag. Either take the bag and go, or empty the purse and leave it under their seat. Shoe store: Shes buying a new pair of shoes, but first has to try them on. She sits her bag down and begins to take of her shoes and put on the other shoes. This is your time to strike, either lift the wallet or grab the bag and make off with it. Rest Stops: Shes on the road and needs to hit the rest room, so she pulls in real quick and hops inside to take care of buisness. This is when you strike. When the mark feels the call of nature they usually dont pay much attention to their valuables, and most women leave their purses in their car. Should you see someone do this while traveling (or if you live near a rest stop) wait until she goes in and strike. Remeber act like you have every right to get into the vehicle and no one will stop you. By the time she comes back out youll be gone, and her purse could be any where on the interstae. Bars: This seems like a no brainier but people busy drinking wont be paying attention to their wallets. You can walk off with a purse or bump and lift at the bar. Here is a scam if you have a female accomplice: target a man who has had a few to drink, and then have your lady ask him to dance. The man will be thinking more about her than his wallet (remember that the mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time) that means she can dip and lift while they are dancing. Pass by them and have her hand it to you behind his back while they are still on the floor. High School Its good to start this trade early, because the more practice you get the better youll be on the streets. Here are a few school tips for you to try out The preppy girl is setting front of you, trying to figure out the new math problem. He purse is across the back of her chair with the flap or the zipper facing you. Reach your hand under your desk and dip into her purse. Palm the wallet quickly and, time permitting, close the bag up again. As in all pick pocketing, the longer it takes for the mark to figure out their wallet is gone the better. Another chair dip is to set beside a girl in the computer lab and wait until she is engrossed in her e-mail or whatever. Yawn and stretch your arms out (like if you were at a theater and were trying to put your arm around your date) and dip into the purse as your bring your arm back down. The lunch line is packed and the guy in front of you has a wallet bulging in his back pocket with your name on it. If he has baggie pants, then use your index and thumb to snag the tip of his wallet of his wallet and then press up against him as you lift. If his pants are normal then use your index finger to push up as you press forward. Either way, hell just think the line is trying to move forward and pay no attention. The cheerleaders are having practice and you go to watch. Many of them leave their books and purses on the bleachers, unattended and easily taken or picked through. If left in the girls locker room either quickly go in, or have a female accomplice go in loot them. The same thing works with the football team workouts as well. The Bus: This is a simple pressed line tactic, but it will work beautifully. School buss isles are crowded, cramped, and tight leaving you pressed against each other. Spot a mark and try to find a way to non noticeably get behind them. After that its elementary, drape a coat over your arm (just incase there are still some people in their seats) and use the movement of the crowd to mask your dipping the wallet from the pocket or purse. If you have a partner, then here are two similar tricks for you to use. Have your partner strike up a conversation with a girl on the bus (presumably from either the left or right side, with you behind) so that she turns towards them and away from her belongings. Sitting behind her, quietly reach over the seat and lift her wallet from her purse. On a school bus people usually place their things beside of them on an empty seat. When distracted, the girl wont notice that she is about to go home a wallet shorter. Another trick like this is if she has her bag dangling from the side that the isle is on, then have your friend talk to her from the from and quickly dip her wallet. The bouncing and loud noise, not to mention your friends distraction, should prevent her from noticing the hand in her purse. Some girls put their things on the floor of the bus when they have to share a seat and dont want to hold their things in their laps. Using the theater method, drop down behind such a mark and reach under her seat for her purse. Try to make sure you get off before she does, or if you have time, take the money out of the purse and then gently slide it back beneath the seat, She will think that the buss movement had moved it, and not notice until later that her money is gone. A last bit of advice: should you have to jack the whole purse, make sure that if it has a cell phone in that it is TURNED OFF! Should the mark have time to realize what youve done she could use that as a way to find you if you are still close. Either ditch the phone ASAP or turn it off. If youd like to know more techniques or want to add some of your own, post here. Plus, if any of these tips help you the let me know. As for anyone who thinks I just copied these from another site...no. Here was an answer to a question I got on the comments for this page. Check it out, it maybe helpful. Hi m ruby 23yrs old Indian girl, love to see pickpockets guide, have used and got lot of money but I want little help, in our country most ladies keep their wallets and valuables inside bra, do u have any idea how to pick these wallets from inside bras??????? After thinking about it hard I think I have the answer to your pickpocketing question. If you have a partner, select a mark in a crowd and position yourselves behind her. If she keeps the wallet where I think she does (in-between her breasts) then the idea I have is this: have your partner reach up and snap her bra, all the while unfastening it. Hopefully shell be so distracted and outraged that she turns her head (and attention) towards the side where the snap came from. This is when you quickly reach in her shirt, grab the wallet, and make off quickly into the crowd. You see by unhooking the bra, the contents are now loser, and she is highly distracted by the snap. Your friend may get screeched at, and thats only if he doesnt move away quickly himself, but youll be long gone with the goods before she has a chance to really notice
  2. hahah yeah i am about to leave and i tried to take some bills with me and the fucking things actually bent my money clip
  3. So I just got paid and decided to take flicks of my cash... Hot business http://www.azone.org/undefined/earn.jpg'> This is aprox. $8, 500 some bills are new and some are savings
  4. head south


    I am designing my website now and i need some fonts. can anyone throw me down some links to download some quality fonts of different types. thanks
  5. Serial for Adobe Photoshop 7.0: 1045-1209-6738-4668-7696-2783
  6. Here are two currently open directories containing software... the first one has tons of shit for every software catagory, photoshop7 is there and a lot of other games and graphic software etc... the second one has photoshop CS flash and some others http://jiacheng.com.cn/software/ www.gamephreak.com update, photoshop 7 in this directory is called ps7.exe and definately works
  7. id say ipod hahahaahhaahaha jyeah.
  8. its because their parents are all like "you're going to be a medical doctor and tell me what the cerebral cortex is connected too before you can go to Xao Feng's to practice Piano and do trig analysis homework. You need to learn these things fast - your already eight!!"
  9. it amazes me that people could think like this.
  10. http://www.azone.org/undefined/desktop.jpg'>
  11. Re: Re: so i got an ipod today... for free heh... jealousy is no good...
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