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Everything posted by snowkid

  1. snowkid

    New Hampshire (yes we paint here)....

    yeah, those were unfinished. had to run. incase you were wondering.
  2. snowkid

    New Hampshire (yes we paint here)....

    nice work dudes... and pone, my apologies for never making shit happen this winter...
  3. snowkid

    dope characters

    my boy deckr from new hampshire:
  4. snowkid

    None So Vile

  5. snowkid

    Afternoons in Stereo!

    that biter e2e...
  6. snowkid

    Kem 5

    this is the flick i tried to post earlier. found on a railfan site.
  7. snowkid

    Kem 5

    from a railfan website: (not my flick) "This bit of vandalism has to get some respect on some level. At least for cost and bravado. This boxcar was on an eastbound CSX freight. I had to run backward trying to get the whole thing in."
  8. snowkid

    myspace music

    do make say think - minmin
  9. snowkid

    Phantom Members

    i believe those are "spiders", search engine bots that read pages and add them to search engine databases. i could be wrong...
  10. snowkid

    seen in chicagoland part 14......

    that sane/jase/cycle is a sick catch
  11. snowkid


    good stuff.
  12. snowkid

    fancy for the fridge cars - fatcity?

    what is that DODX car?
  13. snowkid

    Ici Montréal

    what the hell is this thing for?
  14. snowkid

    *__Golden Defectâ„¢__*

    those new kwest joints are SO SICK
  15. snowkid

    seen in chicagoland part 6......

    them dudes nysto and zeus
  16. snowkid

    Laguna Beach

    this show, and that "super sweet 16" are going to be the downfall of society. materialistic bullshit.
  17. snowkid

    seen in chicagoland part 5........

    JAERO/IKUE. and that cemek/naste/lerk/rich e2e. nice post.
  18. snowkid


    i'm putting this here so i can look back on it and remind myself. 1.do better in school 2.stay in better shape 3.worry less 4.paint more freights 5.get better at skateboarding 6.stay out of trouble 7.succeed in job 8.enjoy being 21 finally hmm...
  19. snowkid


    i could care less if people post their freights on myspace. but something doesnt seem right about putting them on here, glorified self promo. Plus what gratification is there in seeing your freights on here, and knowing they got caught... online?
  20. snowkid

    Upstate Freights Part II.

    i caught that lack/learn maine central maybe two days ago.
  21. snowkid

    for those who aint nodding to the craft...

    untold and jaier
  22. snowkid

    Southeast benching pt.2

    that mini sigh takes it.
  23. snowkid


    nice perso.
  24. snowkid

    For the Flag burnin Faggots!

    i like your flicks, i hate your politics
  25. snowkid


    whoa, that reone's a banger!