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  1. Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Philly handstyles.........it doesn't get any better...it's al about flow and personality
  2. KareAfu215

    The Bible

    Here's a sketch I found fromm 2000..
  3. Great Shameless Plug - Support Philly's Underground Philly's graff legend and top DJ/Producer has released his new CD "Aftermidnite" it features Philly's top MC's. There is also a graffiti track called "Graf Supastars" w/ BNG ( philly graf legend Enem on the Mic). To purchase and here clips of Sat-One's new CD click Here Here are some flicks also...
  4. yeah that thing was filled with silver i think, on the redline...was still living in 2003 when i was there, but a lot more faded i think Quoted post [/b] That was from the early 90's
  5. KareAfu215

    The Bible

    Here's one I found cleaning my house today
  6. KareAfu215

    The Bible

    This is for Joker..... thanks for the props - there right back at ya...
  7. DJ Sat-One's Album Release Party "After Midnight" Thursday, September 29th @ Grape St. Pub 4100 Main St. 10pm-2am FREE CD to the first 200 people!!!!! *All-Star Freestyle Session DJ's: The Legendary Marly Marl & The Skratch Makaniks http://www.grapestpub.com **Performance room is a Katrina Benefit hosted by Fat Nice of 84 w/very special guest performances** Album Feature's Philly/Camden Artists: Bahamadia Paul Yams ill Advised Dice Raw 84 Dave Ghetto V Chops OuterSpace Baby Blak Hezakiah Chef World Cheif Kamachi Reef The Lost Cauze Keez ALBUM IS SOMETHING SERIOUS!!!!! In Stores & available online Oct. 4th http://www.djsatone.com ADD Sat-One to your friend list http://www.myspace.com/djsatone
  8. Here so f-ing around pen sketches Some new sketches in paper Chase
  9. Here are some mess around outlines, mostly done in pen.....[
  10. Cheer... I agree with your statement completely. Most old heads that had skill never hated the newer generation only when their styles were copped. Guys like Curve and esteme are the future of philly graff. Esteme esp. has his own flair and you know when it's his style. I actually like the cat Adapt also, Saw some cool pieces by him on the train lines. A great piecer or tagger is all from flow that is developed year after year. Times are different and I always believe you look into the past to progress into the future. I would love to see more writers today be bold and brave with their styles, stretch the style and bombing. Maybe to being an oldhead, being around about 20 or more philly writers that all had original piecing styles that were so badass, I am biased, but I go what I see now out there. With maybe 3-5 writers with really good style. Aerosol still flows through my veins, and get juiced when I see new tags and pieces around town. Peace.................
  11. All cool topics about philly style. The 80's tags were the best from style, originality and flow stand point. Writers today model after the wickets of that era. The difference is that in the 80's it was flowing and original. As far as piecing I put the era between 1985 thru 1995 as philly's best years. The originality and bombing during that period was sick. There are some cool stuff out there now but it's all derived from the earlier years with their spin on it, which is cool and keeps it alive... some classics - might have been posted before - but rock
  12. Kair never stenciled his stuff... Internet rumors are funny as hell... The only beefs back in the day are when you went over someone or bomb in someone's area....
  13. Damn, MI, that truck is probably done late 80's or early 90's
  14. Love those old school Ez, Des 29, Icer pieces.....
  15. Design markers, they blow away the primsacolor markers. Design markers blended extremely well.
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