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Everything posted by Pfffffffffft

  1. at least people are posting flicks. if you are sittin on em, post em. all stolen.
  2. Re: random thoughts its too hot to do anything. enjoy everything while it last.
  3. Ive never banged a girl this big. but i would smash this.
  4. if you know you know because wonksaggin. down by defalut. hashtag it #wonksaggin
  5. but what if "weak ass tool" really isnt a weak ass tool afterall? how is this conclusion reached without challenging them to a oil changing contest, wood splitting contest or beer pounding contest or some other manly man activity that allows the use of a longer growth beard??
  6. whooaa.. totally did not read any of that. did look at pictures though.
  7. just sealed the deal with this one.. super cool chic.. seems to me im not really her type of dude based conversation, her other friends, ect.. maybe the truth is she isnt my type of girl, i dunno. not girlfriend material but def. made plans to see each other again tho. ridin the waveeeee! we went out 3 times before she let me beat cheeks.
  8. saw these in the supermarket a few days ago.. i made the "just ate a lemon" face you just made the "just ate a lemon" face just now didnt you?
  9. post a pic of your girl so we can get a better idea of her style .. it will help in choosing.
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