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Everything posted by Pfffffffffft

  1. Pfffffffffft


    its also short for Marty
  2. the only one that is allowed to have a bush down there is Christy Canyon
  3. just grab a pen and write the word steak
  4. i woke up to it closed.. i just added the last post
  5. is it kinda like puking and once its all out, you still are trying to squeeze those last little gut juices out, dry heaving until the vein in your neck pops? im i close?
  6. who said the dao thread was gonna close?
  7. just found out about this guy a few days ago.. so good. http://youtu.be/mXJ17nN3kZ8
  8. making pubic hair threads ...i think its starting to turn left for you. :lol:
  9. its hot and im laid up in the bed with the fan on me full blast reading hair threads
  10. shark bite waves? in the first pic?
  11. thats not even a dread, looks like old carpet
  12. im not a fan of it. especially seeing it on public toilets.
  13. you should make a thread about it reach a wider audience
  14. this fucking white faggot in know back in North Carolina has them down to his waist and he is going bald on top. not to mention he is like 5'2 with nasty ass long finger nails.. troll ass bad breath havin faggot. /yes mad
  15. anyone know about that of have experience? looking for suggestions.
  16. i figured ch.0 was the best place for this. i know a few people with it, even fucked a handful of chics with an afro... im white and cant really get a afro hair but i think its pretty cool and kinda want it. how about yaw.. do you know people with it? do you like them?
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