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  1. is there a code for polls? how do you start them..i have looked in the FAQ..dont see anything...and hahahha im not a rookie to 12oz..please believe but i understand... it doesnt show with this user name.. arcel has the right idea with the franks..that stuff is bangin!! im a fan of the good ol texas pete...its good on popcorn too
  2. ich makin a hollow look good too!
  3. being that you posted a boxcar of mine, yes i would like to know
  4. daftdrunk.....where did you spot these???:confused:
  5. Pfffffffffft


    who is the one with the knife?
  6. you gotta love that first picture..
  7. sour and klever twice!!! carolina!
  8. aest got it easy on the stamp
  9. geek is a real american hero and that nise..neatO!!
  10. 1. so hot you cant stop blinking your eyes 2. hot enough to make a weird face 3. a little hot ..enough for the taste 4. so mild..its like your eatting tomatos i prefer not to ruin my food.. but some times its needed i love stories about people who couldnt handle the hotness..
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