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  1. youre the one who asked cardboard why first. he responded to your question " im just playin around" i was asking him why tho? then you asked why... and why i wanted to know. why are you asking so many questions? and why do you want to know?
  2. because i wanna know why. why you askin why tho
  3. maybe more people will just grab a pen and write steak?
  4. you should find "get the watermelon" racist? naaawwww.
  5. 12oz should also sell butt funnels
  6. i played it for like an hour straight.. the black dude on the lawn mower is the best character.
  7. http://www.totaljerkface.com/happy_wheels.php some good levels. go waste your time
  8. ANTI STYLE THREAD REOPENED. no reason why it should have been closed, definitely one of the more interesting threads in brickslayers. DAO thread was reopened as well and turned to bullshit even after some late steak rap letter entries. You can thank therapy boobs and Theo for knowing how to drown out a some what entertaining thread with off topic bullshit. As The Protester said, it turned into the nonsense thread 2. The thread was titled "Yo DAO".. Even he stopped posting about 8-10 pages back. The thread ran its course and then some.
  9. you can still grab a pen ad write steak if you want
  10. the patent is protected under the enterprise mutual user clause. do you think the holders rights contract will be enough to sustain trademark provisions?
  11. copyright and patent was one of the first things that were handled. Im curious about justified line sources for the proper subchannels
  12. have you ever danced with the devil in the pail moonlight?
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