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  1. Its been a while since i was able to flex my mod powers around here, this looks like the PERFECT opportunity!
  2. http://gawker.com/watch-a-train-conductor-kick-a-selfie-taking-teen-in-th-1563737053 hahah
  3. steal other peoples flicks and send me the links to post. NORTH CAROLINA
  4. i cosign HHHHHHH yaw can PM links of flicks yaw want posted, I dont give a shit Ill post them and you can stay anonymous without getting shook to post them yourself.. This thread has had some crazy moments. Old Faithful use to drop the shit talk gems in here.
  5. this made me really sad today.. just to know that GWAR is officially over. their shows were a whole other level. http://boingboing.net/2014/03/24/dave-brockie-punk-artist-of-g.html
  6. not threadworthyyet but you can make it that way.. accept the request post more pics conversations newdz pee in her butt
  7. http://huvrtech.com/ talk about it. real or real fake?
  8. apparently zimmerman is gonna still fight but not a celeb. fool wont go away
  9. hahahaha I KNOW THIS CLOWN.. BIGGEST NONFAGGOT FAGGOT IN NORTH CAROLINA.. CHECK HIM OUT.. LOLs for ever.. have fun.. FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/DJProtoJ
  10. ill root for anyone over Zimmy.. except Kayne West and Ryan Seacrest. Trayvons father should step up and be the one to fight him. everyone else should sit down
  11. I hope kanye accepts and George Zimmerman KNOCKS HIM OOOOUUUTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
  12. my bet is that The Game will give him that work and it will be a fast knock out. not much harm done. or Georgie will lay down and not fight in the first round cheaply getting publicity he is so thirsty for.
  13. Re: George Zimmerman vs. The Game <boxing match comfirmed> yeah.. not confirmed yet.. we'll see
  14. Re: George Zimmerman vs. The Game <boxing match comfirmed> boats.. http://fansided.com/2014/01/31/george-zimmerman-agrees-celebrity-boxing-game-steps/#!t561c http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/01/george-zimmerman-celebrity-boxing-match/ I swear the title is real.
  15. thats right folks. The entire black race in now riding on the back of The Game. March 1st. AMERICA FUCK YEAH! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/george-zimmerman-celebrity-boxing-match-confirmed-as-rapper-the-game-offers-to-fight-him-i-would-take-pleasure-in-it-9098750.html DISCUSS
  16. i couldnt do it. enter key too
  17. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: 1. shave or trim down. sounds like you have some long belly hairs 2. loosen your pants. sounds like your pants are riding pretty high or maybe to tight 3. wear a shirt undernear your other shirt and keep it tucked in. 4. get a new belt. like this one maybe
  18. yeah that guy is annoying as fuuuuu
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