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  1. The "What is Love" song from Night at the Roxbury. "Slam" by Onyx Oh and last but not least... "Whoomp there it is"
  2. I'm going as this guy Bely, weird dude, one of my good friends. It's just going to be fun to act like him all night... I'm hoping the pieces prove that he's at least an interesting guy to try to act like. Holler!
  3. It's not dress socks, it's weird 80's tube socks. Briefs lately have actually been alot more comfy then boxers, always had a problem with my dick coming out and rubbing up against my zipper. Briefs are in right now, so fuck it. As far as dying from staph infections, they can kill people that have weakened immune systems, you got to be careful...
  4. American Apparel is very easy to steal from, and they don't sell boxers... You should see my socks.
  5. I got one of these from a Black Widow bite. It fell into my pants and bit me, shit hurt, but the staph hurt alot more, ALOT more. Despite what everyone is saying, these things are fairly common, but if get them constantly and they are abcessing you should go to the doctor, you have to go anyway to get cut open and drained, then they will give you a Rx for a simple antibiotic, AND they will give you a Rx for a body wash that kills the staph that's living on your skin. Soap and water sometimes isn't enough. Before After I got cut open and shit...
  6. Shai is from the bay, I'd paint with him if it was like that. His posts are entertaining as well as well thought out. I like the guy honestly, fasho. Peace.
  7. Fuck a Google Earth, Oakland bitch.
  8. Heartbreak was just the name of the thead, it just got me thinking that people probobly have had things they lost that were more serious then what happened to me. But it's cool, the thread bombed. Drop it!
  9. At least people responded... I "smashed" by the way.
  10. 69 is really not my favorite. I've been blessed with a rather large nose so if I'm 69ing I'm also nose fucking. Nose fucking= not sexy.
  11. Some situations arise, we now know being we are much older and more mature then we once were (edit: now proven not to be true), that should have been avoided. One such is a situation I currently find myself in. Met a gorgeous and intelligent, not to mention all together good looking, female. Instantly became infactuated with her, and now three days later, I have to move back to Northern California. I admit she is taking alot better than I am, being as she knew what to expect I suppose, but the fact that she is easily going to be able to move on with her normal life doesn't do anything but make me feel worse. So being as I'm fairly new to the Channel Zero thing, thought I might make a thread for people to share their tales of heartbreak and loss and such. If it bombs then I'll just go back to posting pictures of pretty and abominations, and funny gay people on the Myspace Thread.
  12. Vinnie Paz Vs. Slug? Fuck that, not fair. Vinnie Paz is huge and he's not really and Indie rapper. How about this... We all know Vinnie's view on homosexuality. How about VINNIE PAZ VS. THE GODHATESFAGS.COM FAMILY See once and for all who really hates queers the most.
  13. I don't do graff, I kind of just write on things...
  14. The writing is so Douglas Adams-ish. Very good...
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