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  1. micro


    thanks alot guys...appreciate it
  2. micro


    ok ive looked...i got an ill throw...now how bouts that link
  3. micro


    can somebody please gimme a link to the shopping cart or whatever...i cant find where to place my order on the new site i feel like such a retard. thanks in advance
  4. holy shit i damn near spit sprite all over my computer
  5. shut the fuck up def$tar all ive seen u do is pop shit to people so just keep your mouth shut. is it really that fucking hard?
  6. sup yall, i know ive prolly been booted out of 20DEEP do to not putting in work. ive been in some trouble but i am getting a new digi cam today or tomorrow and would like a chance to be part of the family again. i got a new character psyco steve im workin on so ill get pics up as soon as possible. peace out and take it easy
  7. micro


    holy shit i been gone mad long and this shit is still up there
  8. what the fuck are you talking about
  9. so when u gonna make it up to boston MLT. once again i was in a lil trouble with the law so i havent been able to put in work but as soon as i get a new digi cam ill be puttin in mad work and im workin on some new characters now so holla atcha boy. 1
  10. http://img35.photobucket.com/albums/v107/micro1/shoes.jpg'> http://img35.photobucket.com/albums/v107/micro1/shoes2.jpg'>
  11. his finger is sticking out on the other side of the mop and looks a lil like it could be part of his nail...maybe thats what you see
  12. oh man...just kill yourself
  13. virs...them shits are hot man i dunno what else to say
  14. aight cuzz im keepin it 100% me all real from now on
  15. its just that i thought about what u were sayin about how everything u say online is what gives people an idea of who you are and i realized that the personality i show on here for the most part doesnt really show who i really am and i dont like that so i figured you guys dont either...i didnt mean for that to sound the way it did either nor did i mean to focus on you...i apologise
  16. lol...ur a trip man i cant help but to like ya (even though u probably dun like me to much but its all good)
  17. holy shit that "hello my name is" wall is so fuckin gay...a.k.a. that shit is dope
  18. DROP BUSH NOT BOMBS!!!...that should be an A+ right there
  19. hey guys...i think im gonna start a new character...stanley is kinda hard to give different personas ya know? ill get pics of it as soon as hes made and i get them...peace out urvyone
  20. i remember that episode...i laughed my ass off the whole show:lol: :D
  21. all the fliks on this last page are straight gay...keep up the good work
  22. fiend in a speedo...el toro with a fro...gotta love it:lol: edit* photo bucket is a good host...always works for me www.photobucket.com
  23. same here...i get embarrassed if it happens when other people are around cuz i think everyone can notice it but the dont
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