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  1. i just saw that a2m auto rack in atlanta about 5 days ago i believe. my bench is so close up on the tracks i could hardly read the thing.
  2. i caught that reke at the bench a week ago or so...where the fuck is a parked line of tropicana's in ga.???
  3. i dont understand, with this guy its a 50/50 chance its gonna be tight. i liked a lot of his bombing ideas, and str8 letters, but then on alot of the freights, style kinda went out the window. i'm torn between liking him, and hating on him. respect for the amount of work put in though for sho.
  4. ink face


    i caught that scar in atl. about 3 years ago, not that it matters.
  5. some don perion '85? how bout some COLT......45.:D
  6. for the record, i am grown, i dont live with my parents, and my grain of sand has it's name all over this place. i do have a job, and it is not doing graffiti for someone else. mylko hit it right on the head, i 'd beat your old ass into the ground if i saw you doing this shit, if not for any other reason than that it would be putting a face to a corporate name. also, i hate those fucking commercials, due to the fact that you have this very thread, so your kinda working against yourself and your company right? kind of ironic i think. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. Re: Posterman tips you could just go to the art supply store, and take a bunch of the nibs out of other posterman's, and walk out with em, or you could just rack some new postermans, or you could do the chalkboard eraser thing, any of the above will work. and kaiser, thats a large supply you have there, i use paint faster than i can rack it, i always got a grip but not a fucking handle. damn player.:D
  8. that gs is nassssty.:dazed:
  9. dude, i dont give a flying fuck about art class, you art fag, i'm a bomber, and i know it's permanant thats why the fuck i use it...moron, i'm saying that most brands of india are not so permanant, thus making india ink not known for its STREET permanance. fool.:zombie:
  10. dude, i dont give a flying fuck about art class, you art fag, i'm a bomber, and i know it's permanant thats why the fuck i use it...moron, i'm saying that most brands of india are not so permanant, thus making india ink not known for its STREET permanance. fool.:zombie:
  11. i didnt start doing graff to be smart, the differance between you and me, is i put my name up, and you put up a corporate name. where's the satisfaction in that?? seein my name when i go to work in the morning is worth way more to me than any paycheck could ever be. your just some nameless advertisement junkie, "the man's" bitch, just kill yourself while your ahead.:nope: :nope: :nope:
  12. speedball india ink superblack. i know india is not known for it's being very permanent, but i got tags riding that are 4 years old that look like i did em yesterday. its a dope ink, cause it's not so thick that it wont drip, it'll drip like a motherfucker. but the only thing about it is, that it MUST have at least a 7 to 8 hour drying period, like if you go out and use a whole mop, and do like 150 tags with it, and it rains 2 hours later that night, nothing of yours will be up the next day, but after it dries, good luck tryin to get it off. and the cheapest cap prices are in my pocket.:D
  13. Re: Re: fuck corporate propaganda. yes graffiti is already commercialized in that, when i watch tv, i may see a totem piece in the background of some busted rap video, but its differant, when some cocksucker like you, is puttin wheat pasteings up over my town's writers hard work. no i'm not salty because i haven't got my piece of the pie. graff is something i do for me, i dont pay for it, and i dont get paid for it, i dont want anything to do with it turning into some kind of job. and as far as going out and tearing them down and not getting paid, shit i been working full time everynight for the past 7 years without pay. so fuck you, and if i do ever see one of your fuck-head affiliates puttin that shit up in my town, i'll smash heads with a bat. sucker. stay up.:beat: :beat: :beat: :beat:
  14. and by the way, if your a bomber, yes it is toy to pay full price for anything used to vandalize. skam skam skam.
  15. i would say that you find one good recipe for a mop and your set. i've been using the same black home made marker recipe for over 4 years, since i discovered it and the only reason i had to make any new markers were cause either i lost it, or the man confiscated it. other than that, just grab the big ol' bottle of ink and keep refillin.:D
  16. fuck corporate propaganda. i'm sorry but this is just too much for me. i thought this thirst bullshit was just in my city, then i get on here and see that its spread its disease to many other spots as well. i cant handle it, or let it ride. any thirst poster/sticker i see is gettin gone over or tore down. and i would urge the rest of the 12 oz. community to do the same. yes IT IS A SPRITE AD. not only is it corporate propaganda trying to appeal to the underworld of graffiti and any other underground group that recognizes this shit we call graffiti. it GOES OVER a fuck load of REAL GRAFFITI. tags, and even a couple fillins have fallen victim to this horseshit propaganda in my city. so do us all a favor and cap this shit, put lines over it, write your name on it, just destroy it. and to miles thirst, if your one of the people puttin this shit up, fuck you. die horribly. fuck corporate amerikkka and anyone who represents it on the street. shit is fucked up.:heated: :heated: :heated: :heated: :heated:
  17. damn the red x, i cant see anything until like 3 flicks on the last page. stupid red x's...:heated: :mad2: :hatred: :nope:
  18. silvers look real good for about 3 months depending on the surface, but i dont like to bomb or paint trains with chrome any more, cause all my old silver shit hardly looks filled in. silver pieces are fresh no doubt, but i have changed my opinion about how "sick" the silver is now for those reasons. i'll stick with black and white.:jpotato:
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