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Everything posted by funboy3

  1. belton is better ne way!
  2. yo iv used the m gold! its ok like! nuff to shout about!
  3. me and env are painting monday if ne 1 is up 4 it!
  4. ne 1 up 4 a jam soon>?
  5. thats the best work iv seen to cum out of welsh!fair play!
  6. ne 1 got ne new pix>?
  7. thats harsh them boys as safe!
  8. fair play man! thats nice as fuck!
  9. if ne of u dont know,this pic is of a wrighter called MOR! 586 crew
  10. hahah they got the same trainers!lololol:lol:
  11. should b up soon iv sent them to scrow
  12. i got coMER flix ill send them soon as i can! err it ran all day last sat>!! who this fork>?who does he right 4>?
  13. i know 4 a coMER panel tha run allday sat! ill see if i can get them to u>?!
  14. ne pix of tha>>>>>>>>?
  15. got some new pix ill send them to u asap!
  16. haha tha man had a go at me b4! HAHA wot a prick! sak was pissed so he told him to fuck off!lololol the park looks a no go then!????
  17. that just looks a mess!
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