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  1. thats the point :hatred: OKER :hatred: Quoted post er mate that wasn't done by oker. Quoted post [/b]
  2. this was on that grafflondon forum..............dont think i really need to say anything do i? :hatred: :gaga: :hatred: :gaga:
  3. http://monsieurchat.free.fr/MChat.php the guy gets some well hardcore spots..........
  4. I've wanted to know this for ages, I thought i brought it up with you loco on here about a year ago, but cant remember if i got a response Is this Le Chat the same as the one from france or is it just a big rip off? The guy from france is quite big and has done stuff all over europe...........Cant remeber where hes from, maybe marsailles This guy done detailed characters of the whole cat, so if its the same person I cant see why he would go back on himself and do shit that was of a worse standard? Please inform me...... i'll try find some pics
  5. There is already a UK freights thread by the way
  6. "ohhh and that nokia burns the tops panels, you bunch have no idea." I think thats called personal oppinion
  7. Awwwww........now you've taken the flicks off no-one will know what we were talking about...... Luckily I went out of my way to get another one I'm only doing this cos im bored out of my mind at home and if you dont want people to see thisshit then dont make a website about it and put it in your signature (tho you taken it off now) You should have just left the oringal one on cos this is even worse! Dont give in to dickheads on 12oz like me.................its 12oz........everyones a cock
  8. If you find the pannel funny...try the interview........
  9. oh yea, that shit car paint that makes your style wack as well
  10. the jak pannel is fresh but the highlights seem well off
  11. "i do not have alot to learn matey." I think you just proved how toy you are, even somone whos been writing 10 years still knows they can learn more shit and keep on progressing with thier stuff...........its only the fools who think they know it all
  12. I'm not gonna make much of a comment cos I dont care either way.....But I just thought i'd say that one of my crew mates went over to the states last christmas time.......Stayed in chicago for about a week and flicked 4 or 5 different trains with pieces on them (some might have been running, some might have been stabled)
  13. No, dont post flicks from wordplay.......Like someone said earlier, if something is made it needs to be supported Yes maybe you shouldnt have to pay to see graff, but you should have to pay to see magazine because they actually cost a lot of money to get printed, I know for a fact that its is only 10 quid this time because of the large printing costs........It has something like 25 more pages than BA3........And that was £10 also........ Also, I dont know about anyone else but I like having a nice collection of mags and its a lot nice to have something physical to look at rather tha
  14. *Making wack videos on the internet aint cool dude....You're like....25*
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