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  1. the letter structure in this last peice is completely different to his normal ones ... very dope. That J and small N are great ... maybe a little unbalanced at the RN connection but thats just being picky
  2. Is that bando on the right?
  3. :( this guy was amazing, alwayse comming out with burners. A huge influence on me from the begining. RIP
  4. i think i have a winner here : Xeme KB hitting it big time lol
  5. that one on the top left is amazing
  6. ouch ... ^^ this one's fuckin dope ... insane connections here
  7. Closing this thread to go to the other China thread hehe
  8. My bad I hadn't seen the thread ... I'll post all the flix here and get the mods to close the other one ... so as I was saying, glad to see there's paintin, here is what i could find :
  9. Even in a very state controlled country writting is starting to exist. As the scene is very new there is not much happening unlike taiwan or tokyo where people are used to much more freedom of expression however people are still painting, going out to bomb, and the scene is emerging. Writers are comming and going and things are hapening, this thread will serve as a testymony to what is going on. Most pics are stolen from BBS's and forums in other locations such as the Lounge37, graffiti.net.cn, artcrimes.com and artcrimes.cn, ... if you have or find any post'em.
  10. this might be a repost as I might have missed it in the thread, was in the new york thread ... bump all of them especially the augor !
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