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  1. whatsamatta don't like your role models.. this life aint all bright lights and big cities bud. some of your heroes probably smoke crack and fuck hookers... btw those jammy's aint scrapped i know where they b at!
  2. samsung where you get that dahmr thus at? thread title?
  3. at prism is alright... that fist is the truth!!
  4. hey no names thanks for that... never got a picture of that one.
  5. yo how can i get a copy of that...
  6. about 97% of the graffiti i paint is in the pitch black.... if you want it. you adjust and dont' use it as an excuse. because its not one. fyi
  7. hey fr8killa you watch who your calling dumbass... toys self promote... these dudes don't have to. check yourself fagbait.
  8. everybody sucked on that track except for bossman who probably made a G to write an easy 16. that beat is fire tho. too bad got wasted.
  9. who the fuck is this and why is he going over 9 year old NSF panels? kid will get smacked and hacked.
  10. toys need to know that when they just start writing going over an established writer is NEVER ok... agro, you got lucky i was in a good mood.... but sinis and verse you guys really gota fucking problem.. do you think your tight??? cus your fucking WACK... legal or not, if you get burned take it like a man.... don't fucking cry about it... its not your wall, its not your spot, remember that. neither of you are doing burners... your doing toy ass pieces.
  11. you should save this at least.... better ones of that train buddy
  12. benched by the best.. ;) my niggas tsek and stoe...
  13. fuck night he's a bitch who paints over anyone he wants to... and he got ran out of the south.. now he's in my city in my spots and already has stepped on tooo many toes in baltimore the boy will get it if he keeps it up. by the way great post minus this train that SYMBOLizes dissrespect.... -Dusk NSF
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