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  1. Mr.fuckit

    Kem 5

    This guy is hella tight,I love this man's pieces!
  2. Mr.fuckit

    uk wall flixs

    http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/gs6Qj_127-2702_IMG20Small.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/CCGjh_126-2698_IMG20Small.jpg'> [/b] THESE PIECES ARE HELLA TIGHT!
  3. Mr.fuckit

    On my travels

    That polar piece looks hella funny
  4. Does two pieces that they posted up dosent look like hes shit!
  5. This is the man,hes style has changed so much compare to hes old shit!
  6. Yah should stop talking shit and post up some tight shit
  7. That lewis piece is fucken hurt
  8. This guy's style is amazing!
  9. Thats the shit that will have to twicking!!!!!!!!
  10. The pieces are fucken crazy man !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Props to the PT crew man their style left me with my mouth open.
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