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  1. i don't wanna any shit about you not being able to do light outlines anymore...
  2. fuck 'em. fuck every last one of 'em. these third world fuckers behead people and broadcast it on the internet. if the media in this country actually showed what these animals do to foreign aid workers and their own women(stoning), you'd realize that what the marines did was pretty tame. their only mistake was taking pics of it. but then again, most of them are pretty young, and young people do some stupid shit.
  3. http://drawn.ca/ Their archives have some cool illustrations(and links to the artists own blogs), and short animations.
  4. wait, these two are the same person, right? it's just one jackass with 2 screennames arguing with himself, right? mods?
  5. there goes the 1 thread i bother checking.
  6. It's a shame that most established nyc writers stopped progressing in the mid nineties, and the new ones aim to mimic instead of invent...
  7. and you know what? bill russell crushes both of them in ring counts. anyways, jordan changed the game of basketball, marketing, and the sneaker game. the only thing lebron changed is his uniform. go mavs. ...and lebron's mom is a ghetto cunt.
  8. the fact that bin laden was killed and no photos were released should keep the show going on to topics other than aliens for a while. the conspiracy theory shows are the best.
  9. seems dangerous to wear sneakers with red bandanas on them...
  10. it works if you're a driver. nobody wants me to fall asleep behind the wheel, i drive an 80,000 lb. truck through new york and new jersey. i try to only take it if i have to though, it can fuck up your gut. get the pomegranate, the others taste like medicine.
  11. if you live in america, learn to speak english.
  12. i think you think too much. these dudes don't need defending, and the opinions of morons don't matter.
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