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  1. destroying the system for series
  2. yeah, biter. it's far to obvious so quit trying to bullshit your way out
  3. that dear shit(pun intended) looks mad bitten from para's stuff on here.
  4. yeah man i'd be down to see some walls or freights, got any we could peep?
  5. onheres for slak, that has some style
  6. this thread stills owns, but i still think it all needs more cowbell, hahaha
  7. yeah i'm down dude lets do something like "minds" or "shute"
  8. i don't feel it either, weak letters, bad add ones and extensions, thumbs down for starting your own thread for this, but maybe in a year it will be a good time line of progression from the ass kicking 12 oz prophet gives you
  9. it's ok, some of the extensions aren't to great on the greats
  10. sorry about the million times reposting this pic but i got a hold of a scanner, so yeah is this battle still on? cuz it says it's due today
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