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  1. bgn79


    is it okay to post my flicks if the train is rolling back into town? hopefully this gets the top of the next page
  2. bgn79


    painted xmas eve daytime already stamped in a nice way tho
  3. bgn79


    then don't comment you flaming homo all your doing is promoting my self-promotion by even commenting... the thread title should of told ya that there is going to be self promotion hence the word MY as in mySELF this whole thread is self promotion it's promoting my photography and what I benched. ever fuckin thread on here is self-promotion even if your not posting your own flick your posting in hopes that someone will look. all you fags with this self-promo gripe need to find a new hobby unless your hobby is being a flaming fagget then keep on policing online message boards cause ya'll make this place slow, hey lets chase off everyone who tries to post their own picture, nah dude lets just chase anyone away who even post that'll make this place super interesting. FUCK YOU... daps to those that recognizes i be seeing ya'll appreciate it
  4. bgn79


    hbak hoppers bkat and sworne rolling back2back
  5. Re: some TEXAS benching!!! FUCKIN AH RIGHT
  6. i got one of these the other night blue on blue on blue
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