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  1. kimochiyokatta!!!! skill nai no graffiti writers ferashite!! whoever understand knows whats up. :yuck:
  2. my dick is hard.. who wants to sit on it? :love2:
  3. whats wrong with white center?? ubk is whats wrong with white center!
  4. GAWS

    Wash DC

    fuck the fat asians. but this japanese momma looks all gravy if you ask me. motto motto asoko misete!!!
  5. GAWS


    ya, I know its a part of japan. what I mean is if your in yokota, ur probably in the military, and your friends are too. therefor you might as well be in america. right? anyways I highly doubt anyone in here is in yokota..
  6. GAWS


    yokota?? haha thats america, not japan :haha:
  7. GAWS


    this summer baby! aishitennen!!
  8. quit flappin your gums.. talk to me in person. I said nothing to you.
  9. funny video clip. makes me wanna go tear some shit up! :king:
  10. Quoted post PIKE STREET NATIVE NIGGA,HE'LL GET BUCK KILO DAP Quoted post props to Kilo and Envy DAP UBK!!!!
  11. GAWS


    the majority of the flicks on this thread are from tokyo period. good stuff here. lost of foreign writers tho. Id like to see more real japanese graff here. props to my boy VERY 1. props to Wanto, Yesca, Acre, the whole CMK, and Ekys. motto motto!!!
  12. DZES CLUBS MISTAKE STAK good shits keep em comin!
  13. "someone else already writes that" Somebody already writes 90% of your fuckin tags out there too! say your name if your so special and hard. Im betting your not even up yourself. Quit acting like a little bitch anyone can talk shit on the net. If you dont like it, POST SOMETHING!
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