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  1. the fact you have to go on to a public forum and talk shit just so everyone can see so you can defend this make believe rep you have for ur self in your own head just shows me (and everyone else who knows your a attention seeking lieing socialite toy) how much of a turd you really are. it must bother you that much you have to make a post out of the blue on the internet??thats pretty fucked up, and amusing. I would elaborate on your shit talk and seprate fact from fiction, but il leave sounding like a fuckhead for you (but by the end of this rant il look as stupid as u tho :P) only reason im
  2. rest in peace maciver hall of fame wall.. how long ago was that demolished? only realised yesterday. another important piece of perth history GONE. assholes. would be nice to see some flicks of it if anyone has it, sure someone would..
  3. someone please post the risk and others that were on the 'blue house' once upon a time.
  4. wtf r u on about? u got on to saying that fecks new stuff is not 'real' graffiti. then u said ppl who spend alot of money on paint to do a piece are 'gay cunts' implying u do the complete opposite, then somehow in turn because of pointing this out I will end up having a generic boring style and only will paint stuff that i think ppl will enjoy, even tho ur the person who is objecting to his latest work? well u obviously give a shit if u didnt ud appreciate what hes doing for the sheer fact that it is good and not say anything...great theory
  5. very retarded.. obviously feck wouldnt be able to achieve the quality of his pieces with exports killrusts and all the rest because it would be physically impossible to get the same quality and colours that u do with ironlak anyone who has used it enough will know u can only do so much with it. if i were an amazing artist i too would invest in better tools to perform and perfect my trade but im not so i use whatever, theres nothing wrong with spending good money on paint if u r going to make the most of it, if i had that ability i would too,so respect the architecht! even if alot of ppl had am
  6. that iwoz on the page before..damn. thanks famesux
  7. oops ended up on page 481.. Yo creas!
  8. it looks like 2 different pieces, found a cool C couldnt find the other letters to suit it, or couldnt use your own imagination to finish it off properly, so u do some S that is completely opposite to the style u were originally going for. fuck yeah
  9. prove has definately improved in this time he hasnt been as active, get back at it.
  10. frits is terrible. go home.
  11. Bangers^ ..on another note
  12. ah word cheers anyway man.. good to see some actual quality on here, take a lesson people..
  13. once again, fucken hell. keep them coming! loving the photo of the zoro in edgewater tunnels before the freeway was completed on the other page, shows how desolate those areas once were not too long ago.
  14. jesus. possibly the best post ive seen on here.. so many things that deserve a 'bump'.. famesux do u mind posting the whole of that joondy underpass mode 2 wall with the characters of them running away from the train? much appreciated mate.
  15. its a keich..hey EmilyScott when was that raise on swanbourne green walls done?
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